MBison question for the experienced

How does a team sporting bison (on point I’m sure) go against a team like MSP or scrub?

I don’t play mbison competetively, but I know the dynamics of Bison, Doom, cyclops enough to say that is one of the best bison teams ever. Just wonderin how a team like that could compete?

Well, needless to say, raise your attack inventory( here’s whut I mean)

Long story short, figure out whut you wanna do before you do it, the moves will pop out, giving you time to think about whutever else you wanna try for.

bison need 2 things…
AAA against Rush and/or a Ground Assist…
Good Teams for Bison will be :

  • Bison(b),Sentinel(y),Capcom(b) : Exelent team, you have ground cover for traps, and anti-air against rushers. The best Bison team

  • Bison(b),Sentinel(y),Storm(a) : Great for ground attack,chip and traps… but really bad against rushers. (but you can switch to storm to face a rushers)

  • Bison(b),Ruby(a),DooM(b) : jejeje… nice team, Ruby AAA, works like a barrier. and with it you can win time, for a nice psycho field+Teleport, or make a nice trap. and Ruby with Bison or DooM are pretty good too

To be honest, Bison is just like Strider Hiryu when it comes to assists.
Doctor Doom is the BEST way to go, ESPECIALLY when you begin to use the Warp to your advantage.
A prime team that I’ve seen work wonders is Bison/ Doctor Doom/ Captain Commando. Molecular Shield would practically nail your opponent when you turn them around with a Warp, and can be an easy set up for a Disperse Orb (HCB + P). And, of course, CapCom would provide some much needed air defense. Here’s a combo you can try:

(Have Bison as starting character) Call Doom, Molecular Shield, HCB + QP, D + FP, J. LP, J, LK, J. MP, J. MK, Weak Scissor Kick XX Psycho Crusher.

Note that when you perform the Weak Scissor Kick (HCF + QK), to cancel on the SECOND hit of the move. You can also cancel this into Photon Array or Captain Sword, but only to finish a player off.
Also, try timing the Disperse Orb so that it hits at the same time as Doom’s molecular shield, so you can get a few more hits in before you launch them with D + FP.

Hope that helps.