Mayor Codell Traver Beginners guide

Mayor Cody MFn Travers [WIP]
[I really hope this man doesn’t get nerfd to hell]

This is my first guide soooo here it goes! Cody is a character with a decent character walk speed both forward and backwards and a good forwards dash but his back dash isn’t worth shit. He has decent pokes and solid frame traps like his USF4 counter part. Though with the loss of his criminal upper for explosive dmg and the lack of invincibility on his zonk knuckle and ex ruffian he has gained a very decent projectile in his new tornado sweep.

It seems his play style is a bit more rewarding with patience rather than rushing down. Tho once meter and of vtrigger is gained he has access to more tools that in turn leads to moar damage like the Cody we all know and love.


Standing LP: combos into itself with target combo, its plus 1 on block. Can be cancelled

Standing MP: combos from standing MK and can be cancelled. Has some range to be used for a poke but nothing crazy. Its -2 on block.

Standing HP: main Anti-Air. Its two hits, first hit is cancellable. +3 on hit(use for vTrigger cancel?)

Standing LK: looks like a decent poke tool for short range.+3 on block

Standing Mk: good poke, your main combo starter. Is also cancellable into Vtrigger only. Plus fucking 3 on le block!

Standing HK: great range. Can cause crush counter into itself and good for VTrigger combos. -4

Cr.lp: rapid fires into itself. Can combo into target combo. +2 on block

Cr.Mp: +2 on block and cancellable. Comboz from standing MK

CrHp: good range poke, neutral on hit but plus on vtrigger cancel. -4 on block so use at max or sparingly. Can be cancelled!

Crlk: +3 on block

Crmk -2 on block decent range poke. Vtrigger cancellable.

CrHK: its a sweep -12.

Air normals

j.Mk: the cross up
J.Mp the air juggle
j.Hp and j.Hk are le jump in

Unique Normals

F+HP: single hit despite animation. -7 onblock, hits over head.

F+HK: -2 on block so its safe and can cancel first hit imto vskill, special move AND Critical Art.

Jump mp>hp: air to air knock down.
Jump mk>lk jump in target combo.

Bad spray is back! 3 frame start up and -2 on block

Target combo
lp lp lp lp
Lp lp lp D+lp(grab into side switch)
First two hits are -4
First 3 hits are -7
All 4 hits are -12
Can cancel into Vtrigger.

Special moves
Tornado sweep: Cody’s fireball, it’s -7 on block. Lp tornado goes ¾ screen, Mp goes slight shorter than that of lp varient and Hp goes a bit shorter than that of Mp. Ex goes full screen and is +2 on block. Oh hit the frames are as follows. Lp is -2 Mp is 0 and Hp is +2( on hit).

Ruffian kick
This move is your combo ender choice. Lk ruffian seems can give you an Oki set up as ur literally standing over them. Mk and Hk gives you space between you and the opponent. You can use it for corner carry I guess and opt for le damage. Ex is 2 hits and can juggle into Zonk(ex if u HV meter) hammer kick into vskill combo or another ruffian. Keep in mind u can use lk ruffian after ex for better Oki.

One of my favorite moves. Tho this move did lose it’s purpose when it came to projectile and overall ex invincibility this move is abusable. It’s -2 on block and +3 when u use meter. U can use it to end block strings or combos(especially juggles).

His jumping crack kick can be used as an anti air and some combos. Jus know it takes causes grey health.

Crlk crlp >mk ruffian or Hk ruffian
Crlp Stlp > target combo
Crlk crlp>ex Zonk(can also use crlp as starter)

Stlk St Lp > mk ruffian

Stmp lp >target combo(distance varies)
Stmp St lp>mk or Hk ruffian
St Mp >ex zonk

Stmk Stmp >ruffian
Stmk Stmp >zonk or ex
Stmk Stmp >ex tornado
(CrMp can be used in place of StMP with the exception of combing into ex tornado)
(Can also replace Stmp with StHp)

Note-These are day one combos so they most likely arent optimized. There will be a new doc based on actual combos in the near future!

The above combos that have a ruffian kick ender can also cancel into super for more damage.

Vtrigger goodies:

Note: both Vtriggers are 2 meter

Side arm- makes use of codys trusty knife. Punches are now prison shanks and affects some frame properties.
Lp +5 oh +2 on block
Mp +5 oh +4ob
hp +8oh -2ob

Lp +6 oh +3ob
Mp+5oh +4ob
Hp+4oh -5ob

His air normals in this trigger also has some changes. Lp is a better air to air, MP still juggles and HP is now like a dive jump in making it look more useful.

In this vtrigger your punch normals have a bit more range and makes frame traps a bit more of a danger. You also have new combos potential!

Along with his new staby stabs he also gains 3 new moves. He can now throw the knife forward with the vtrigger buttons or in the air with down and vtrigger buttons. He also gains a new move i like to call “should’ve paid me my munnies” which takes place his criminal upper motion(qcb+p). This move is plus freaking 3 on block. This move can also be cancelled in to super.

Do keep in mind every stab u do takes meter and his stab special takes more. Use with care!

Sidearm combos
StHp crMp stlp >stabs>Ca(if you have meter)
STHp stk stlp> stabs

Dirty Coach
This vtrigger is different from the first. Gives you access to his trusty pipe. Changes his heavy normals punches for more reach. Notably his Air heavy hp is more deep on the horizon. His crouching heavy punch is now a good anti air.

Aside from his HP he also has some new moves as well.

Toss and smash
This moves his new command grab(hcb+k). He pretty much tosses the opponent in the air and slaps him with his pipe using the Vtrigger buttons. Theres 2 timings on this, you either get a normal hit for reg dmg or if you time it right you get the home run hit that causes a wall bounce and gives you advantage from a tick throw command grab.

Bean bag
This is his new rock throw in the game. By using Qcb+p Cody tosses a rock in the air and hits it with his pipe. Similar to the command grab press the Vtrigger buttons gives you different hits. Hit it early you get a pop up hit(doesn’t not hit over head),hit it a bit late you get the ground roll and hit it just right you get a the home run hit which grants 4 hits which shreds armor(probably not giefs) And goes through aegis reflector.

This is a bit different from the bean bag hits. So on knock down you can hit the bean bag in the air and create Oki setups based on the strength of punch you select. Lp being the closest and Hp being the furthest. To use this it’s Qcb+p then down+Hp+Hk for the pop fly. Best uses to end combos for Oki damage, similar to how kolin uses her ice rocks.

Dirty Coach combos
Stmk Stmp Vt cancel crhp ex ruffian> bean bag set up or f+Hk v-skill or ex zonk

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