Mayflash stick mod -- need help -- joystick problems

Hey guys, first time poster.
I modded a mayflash with Sanwa JLF and i’m having some issues.

This is what the wiring looks like:

When i connect two switches to the PCB board, it works fine. However when i connect 3 or all of the sanwa switches to the board and connected to the PC, there’s a prompt that the device cannot be recognized…

I think the joystick isn’t common ground for a mayflash.

You have to take the micro switches off the JLF for it to work.

You wired the JLF wrong.

2 solutions:

  1. Cut all the ground trace on the JLF PCB

ok so if i get it correctly:
option1: disconnect the switches from the JLF PCB
option2: use the FLF PCB ground pin for the ground

is this correct: which would you recommend? I don’t really want to remove the PCB (need it for structure)

There you go, both are solutions. Just pick one that you like. Simple as that. :rock:

ok i tried option2… and it still didn’t work. (solder all grounds to the ground pcb connector)
so i tried option1 (cut pcb ground) … worked like a charm!

Thanks guys!

glad to help :slight_smile:

Yeah. I also painted the box today from black to white, thought i’d share

^Throw some clear coat on that, buddy. It’s looking kinda gritty.

What do you mean by clear coat?

Or, better yet – just go to Walmart, buy clear spraypaint, and spray it on your stick case. No further explanation needed.

umm… im not sure. The mayflash casing is textured, and the paint maintained the surface’s integrity. Also, i’m going to put artwork on the top.

You think i should still clear coat the sides?

another thing, should i sandpaper the paint first to smooth it out?

Did you peel off the blank art sticker on the stick?

i don’t know, i guess not. Here it is now:

You can remove the panel sticker to eliminate the paint grooves around the edge. Everything else is clean and sleek.

It looks great, but doesn’t feel as smooth when i touch it.

Should i sandpaper to smooth it out? should I add a clear coat to it?

sand it then clear coat i think
did u try primer first before?

i think the vinyl & fabric i used didn’t require a primer.