Mayflash PS3 VGA cable woes

So I recently bought one of these bad boys ( to try use my PS3 over VGA with my HDTV in an attempt to bypass the dreaded HDTV post processing that seems to be inherent to most HDTVs. The particular model I have is a Panasonic TH42PZ850AZ Plasma.

The problem is, I get no picture. I’ve set it up as directed (use the colourless component cable to change the PS3 settings etc.) but I’m still getting nada. I know that a signal is at least being sent, because when the PS3 is off, my VGA “channel” on the TV shows no input Vertical/Horizontal readings, but when it’s turned on and outputting 720p, the VGA channel selects it’s WXGA resolution as if it’s trying to display something.

The one half theory I’m running with at the moment is that the PS3 is outputting 720p (1280 x 720) and the TV is expecting a WXGA resolution (1388 x 768) - is this feasible ? Am I going insane ?

There’s no way to output a custom resolution from the PS3, and there’s apparently no support for standard HD resolutions on the VGA connection of my TV. Obviously, 720p over HDMI and Component work absolutely fine - it’s only VGA that’s a problem.

Is there ANYONE who can offer some insight into this ? I’d really love to know what the hell is wrong with:

a) My PS3
b) My TV
c) My brain

Any helpful feedback would be greatly appreciated… Hopefully someone has had the same issue and can offer some insight!

Yup - I tested it this weekend at a mates place on his 19" AOC displays. They’re about 4 years old and handled 720p with no problems. I guess this puts the cable in the clear…

This means it’s a problem with my TV’s implementation of its VGA resolutions, right ? :frowning:

Ok so PS3 is properly outputting the VGA signal, and your cable is good and working, so we can eliminate those.

Do you have a computer, ideally a laptop with VGA output, that you can connect to the TV? It shouldn’t matter that the TV is 1366x768 native res., it should have some kind of scaling built it to deal with that.

The laptop will be good because you should be able to have the built-in panel active while you enable the external monitor as a secondary display, then you can fiddle with the settings until you find something that works.

Let us know if you can get the VGA input working that way.

A lot of TVs don’t allow 1280x720 resolution through the VGA port. You should check your manual for supported resolutions. I know mine (Samsung LN-T4066F) doesn’t support it through VGA even though it supports the full 1920x1080 res.

i kinda had that problem with my 360…

what i did was pretty much what comradeTao said… when i first connected my xbox to the computer through the vga cable i couldnt get a picture… what i had to do was put it on a computer monitor and match the resolution to what i needed to (the native resolution of the tv)

make sure you know the native resolution of the tv and see if you can set the ps3 to the same resolution…

have you tried only turning on one of the resolutions at a time in the display menu? 480/720/1080?

I have the same cable, and it doesnt give me problems on my monitor…

Good advice - I’ll try to get my hands on a Mini DVI -> VGA adapter this week from work and give it a go (I’ve only got a Macbook… no PC’s lying around)

I’ve tried it with only 720p and only 576p, both with the same results.

This is what I was worried about the most… the manual says it only supports XGA and WXGA (1366 x 768) … that sucks major donkey sacks :frowning:

Regardless, I’ll try RobbieTheStuffs suggestion and see what results I get

So I finally got around to testing my TV via VGA with my Macbook, and lo and behold…

It doesn’t work :frowning: I can’t get a 1280 x 720 signal to display. I had to get DisplayConfigX to add a custom resolution for the TV as it wasn’t a default resolution I could choose, even though if it’s connected to the same Macbook via Mini DVI -> HDMI, 720p comes up no worries.

Looks as though my TV just can’t support that resolution over VGA. Fuck.


I have a similar problem, albeit with a converter box instead of cable.

I am trying to connect my PS3 to TV via VGA, using a Mayflash component-to-VGA converter box. I need to use component because I record gaming footage, which goes through my Hauppauge HD PVR by means of component. I can’t seem to get any video when i put it through the VGA converter. What’s worse, my TV doesn’t even recognize that a VGA connection is being made. I did try connecting my PC to my TV through the VGA port, so I know the dimensional limits (up to 1080p) and cables are fine. All wires are inserted properly. I have tried all display settings on the PS3, but that is a moot point since the TV doesn’t even read the VGA input from the PS3 in the first place. Everything is plugged in. So what gives?

So my Sony Bravia LX900 TV will accept up to 1080p RGB through the VGA port’s 15-pin D-sub input. I am really puzzled why my TV doesn’t even recognize a VGA connection with the converter. The PS3 + PVR connect perfectly fine through the TV’s component input. So all I’ve added is a component-to-VGA converter box. Would that indicate that the converter is faulty? Or is it that my TV cannot recognize the VGA signal? (sync on green issue?)

Would appreciate any help you can give. I’m trying to reduce input lag from my TV, which is 50ms in gaming mode. Thank you!