Mayflash f500

I’m considering buying the Mayflash f500 because it’s cheap, easily modable, and I can use it on every console I have. Does anyone know about the input lag with the stock pcb?

I never found any measurements of the input lag of the F300/F500 sticks. Closest thing was a youtube video showing a guy wiring up an F300 and Magic Stick M5 to the same jab button in SFIV training mode. The M5 would occasionally counter-hit the F300 Ryu, so I’m guessing there was a +8ms lag on the Mayflash PCB if its jab was occasionally happening a frame late.

That said, I’ve never noticed any real-world difference between my F500 and my TES or TE2+, and I give it a hearty recommendation for a good budget or multi-platform stick.

Interesting. Thanks. I just read that it also works with the Switch. I think I may go ahead and grab one. Worst case scenario I can eventually replace the PCB.

lag isn’t the issue with the pcb.
having it not die mid match is the bigger issue

Does that happen?

It’s known to happen before with cheap Boards. And Mayflash isn’t known for quality.

I have a Mayflash F300 and never had any issues with the board, the only proble is that the buttons can get a bit sticky after just a few months but i replaced them with the sanwa buttons that came with the Panthera and works wonderfully now, i even left the stock joystick as it works like a charm

Then you got lucky.
Getting a good or bad board is like winning the lottery.

You might be good for a few months or even a few years, but I gotten alot of people asking for help because they stick isn’t working and the PCB failed.