Mayflash Arcade Fightstick Joystick F300 or Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox360 / PS3 / PC

Hi recently got into usf4 and I’m looking for a fighting stick, because i hate using my xbox controller, then I found this two stick for the same amount of price. The main question is which one is the best option?

If you have any other stick to recommend just comment below, my budget is around £70 - £80 and I won’t mind if the stick is second hand. The stick needs to work with the pc and if it works with the Xbox 360 that would be nice bonus.


Arcade Fighting Stick for Xbox360 / PS3 / PC:

Mayflash Arcade Fightstick Joystick F300:

They’re both bad unless you mod them with better parts, but that’ll probably go over your budget.

You’re probably not gonna get a good quality stick for that low of a price unless you snag a really good deal for a used stick on craigslist or something.

F300 is said to be a little smaller. I’m not sure either stick is tourney legal, but the cases make great bases for mod projects. I’ve replaced everything but the case and the secondary PCBs in mine.

If you’re just looking for a fightstick with Xbox 360/PC/PS3 compatibility right out of the box, I personally own the Qanba Q4raf (newer PCB) and a madcatz Street fighter X tekken fightstick pro.
Both have identical Sanwa parts in both, although the Qanba has a VLX style start button on the front, like the Hori 4 RAP Kai VLX does.

I’d recommend the Qanba Q4raf over it for several reasons:

  1. MUCH nicer case.
  2. cleaner insides, much easier to mod due to how neat everything is.
  3. carrying handle (you have no idea how convenient that is).
  4. felt bottom makes playing on your lap extremely nice.

There have been issues with people having problems with the Qanba PCBs failing, although that hasn’t happened to me.
there were at least three PCB revisions:

  1. true dual modded one with a daughterboard PCB attached to a main PCB for Xbox 360/PS3; was known to have S tier input lag rating but a high failure rate
  2. integrated single PCB with some sort of epoxy or something in the middle in place of a chip. This apparently did not have common ground so there were issues with wiring LED’s if you wanted to add them. I’m guessing failure rates weren’t so great either.
  3. integrated single PCB with chip in the middle. Common ground on this. all current Q4rafs and Eightarc versions ship with that.

That’s probably your best option if you want a stock stick.
You can also easily swap in a Brooks UFB in your Qanba for PS4+Xbox One compatibility also, if you want to move up to that. If you only wanted one newer console compatibility, you can buy a Brooks adapter.

MAKE SURE YOU BUY A SEIMITSU LS-55 JOYSTICK SPRING (if not available, any 1.5lb or 2lb similar spring) so you can put it in the start button !!

Thanks for the advise, I was so close to winning a qanba q4 raf (second hand) but someone sniped me :confused: The bid ended at £56.65 I wished i had more money back then. Anyways I searched through Amazon and I found these two qanba stick:

Manette Arcade Fighting Stick Pro LED blanc pour PS3/PC: £103

Qanba Q2 Pro LED Arcade Stick Silver Edition (PS3/PC): £111

What’s your opinion on them? I could go for the qanba q4raf but it’s too much ;_; (£130).

Didn’t you say you wanted Xbox 360 compatibility?
those other sticks you listed are not xbox 360 compatible, so you would need third party drivers for Xinput mode on PC.

You can also do what darksakul said and read the sticky and find out EXACTLY what you intend to use the joystick for and then go from there.
But at least get a decent stick or a stick that can accept standard Seimitsu or Sanwa parts so you can mod it in the future.

It just bonus not really needed