Maybe this SF4 thing has sparked more interest in arcade parts than we thought

Ok so I ordered an LS-32 and a few buttons from Gremlin, which I usually get next day delivery on, I ordered them on Saturday and I don’t have them yet. so I thought I’d give him a ring and see what’s happening.
Turns out he’s been working through the nights and weekends boxing and shipping Sanwa and Seimitsu parts all over the god damn world due to the SF4 release. He’s even been taking orders from Capcom! does this mean Sanwa/Seimitsu have run out of sticks and buttons for Capcom and they’re having to source them from smaller businesses? He was very friendly and apologetic about the delay.

Am I the only one who didn’t realise the scale of this stuff or is this utterly shocking how massive SF4 is taking off?

I didn’t build my stick till last night and only because of SF IV.
So yah, though I didn’t get my parts from Gremlin but you can count me in as one of the people who bought arcade parts.

Im just about to put my second order in for a system for my MAME.

Yeah, when I went to Gremlin Solutions (first time even considering building an arcade stick!) I was amazed to see that he said he had trouble getting stock due to SFIV. I mean, its just one game right? So ya, I’d say its impact is pretty huge if its causing gremlin to not have stock of those parts. I mean… how many people normally order arcade parts?

On a related note, Amazon, or should I say Royal Mail, was supposed to deliver my SFIV today, and its nowhere in site. Was supposed to be here at 1PM, according to Royal Mail. I’m thinking it might have been delivered to a different part of my building. Sigh…