Maybe not too late for that TE stick

I walked into GameStop today and asked if they had any sticks. I’ve been doing this for the past 2 weeks so I already assumed they didn’t.
For the very first time, the guy asked if I would like him to check other stores (normally I’d ask them to check but they would say they couldn’t).

I said sure, go ahead and check but I doubt there would be.
Turns out, there was one in Utah and one in Northern California. I called up the one in Northern California and they agreed to transfer it to the Gamestop in my area so I can buy it there.

It’s worth a shot, you can probably ask them to check over the phone instead of walking in the store. If they said they can’t check other stores, tell them that’s BS and you know they can. Chances are they’re just lazy.

We have a whole thread for this. Stickied.