Maybe about 1000-1500 SRK peeps could get Melty Blood a US release via this

Poll from a US publisher on what dojin games they want to bring over.

Fighting games are way back, but 1000 SRK spammers would change it.

Sweet, now if only someone would do it for Europe too.

(Voted for fighting games but it looks like platformers are steamrolling everything. :shake:)

This company sells in Europe. They’re on Gamersgate for PC. They only got a couple of decent dojin shooters out, and a PSN game next week (may be a bit overpriced)

Platformers are steamrolling, way I said 1000 SRK peeps would even it out. Melty folks are fanatical so I think we can get 1000 of them. It’s another way to support the community.

Quite a long shot, considering they focus on PC and PSN, which current MBAA game isn’t.

Now, if they release MBAA:CC on PS3 retail/PSN (PLEASE SEGA!!!)

Melty Blood is less doujin than TvC


so true :rofl:

Yeah, 1000 peeps from SRK spam it, they bring it over, sell 200 copies, only 20 being to people at SRK, another 50 download it.

Trusting SRKers is like trusting the guy with crazy eyes holding a knife.

I don’t see what part of a commercial game with 2 versions in arcades and ported to consoles can still be considered doujin. If they did want to port a doujin version of MB they’d have to go all the way back to ReAct, in which case nobody would be crazy enough to spend money on that.

They’re better off porting something that’ll obviously make them money like Rozenkreuzstilette.

True that, considering Type Moon has been commercial for how many freaking years now?

Well, if Fate/Codes can get a U.S. release…

If there’s one thing MB attracts, its people interested in online polls. Players, not so much…

I’m surprised that fighting games are getting the least votes. There’s no telling if MBAA will even get a release outside of Japan.

i think you are underating the number of fans out there

rockin androids the shit bc they porting my fav game bunny must die

Wait for MBAACC imo and see if it gets a current gen release in jp, then port it over

To be fair, it doesn’t help a fighting game when its scene requires you to import a game few people have even heard of, modify or also import a last generation console, and find other people who have done the same locally.