Maya Angelou passes away

This greatly saddens me. Maya was a creative visionary and pioneer.

I have often found many of the quotes of her work to be most profound to humanity’s struggle to find happiness in an imperfect world.

RIP Maya.


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so sad! :frowning:

RIP Ms. Angelou. I remember when me and my mother met you back when I was super young. Very humbling.

Rest in Peace/Heaven.


Is it just me or every time you hear her name does it remind you of…

[details=Spoiler]Hard Knock Life by Dr Evil[/details]

No disrespect… to ya b… RIP

The earth will become less wonderful. RIP Maya.



A great interview she did with Dave Chappelle there are 3 other parts on youtube.
R.I.P Maya Angelou

… Maya Angelou…


Don’t really know her aside from the Boondocks episode where she got kidnapped instead of Oprah.

RIP though =\

I knew of all her accolades and heard a few of her poems, but I was unaware of her strife and her enduring spirit through all of it.

Rest In Peace, Maya Angelou

If the time stamp doesnt work just skip to 10:45. R.I.P. Ms. Angelou
go to 4:40


I though ya’ll was talking about Oprah…

It wouldn’t be surprising if Oprah was inspired by her, but it’s not Oprah.


And Still I Rise…RIP