May not be the right place

I am wondering if anyo0ne has a link for learning gaming programming. I am looking to learn whatever is the starndard in games and if anyone knows what programming is used for Blazeblue, Skullgirls and Guilty Gear. Thanks, and sorry if this is not the right place. I will be going to college within the next year and would like a headstart, thank you. :smiley: Also does anyone know if Skullgirls will come back to Xbobx Live anytime soon? I finally played the demo last weekend (I know) and adored it.

Here’s a thread with some links and tips on programming…you can also ask for advice there.

As far as your question about skullgirls, its being updated and will get posted back to Xbox live as soon as the red tape with Microsoft get cleared…the most current version is available on psn-eu and steam (pc)…its anyday now for xbl.