[May 29, 2011] G.O.S. Memorial Day Bash (New York, NY)

No school or Work on Monday?

Then head out to Game Over Sunday this weekend. This G.O.S. Memorial Day Bash is gonna be momentous. A tourney, Anime and Film meetup, Retro games and…we’re staying open till 2am.

First off we’re setting up a Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tourney this from 7 - 10pm. It will be based off the winner stays tournament style that we used for Mortal Kombat 9. Again, The person with the most CONSECUTIVE wins grabs…the 50 dollar cash prize.

It’s easy money and it’s only 3 hours. If you’re comfortable with your win streak you can walk away for a smoke break or check out what’s playing in the other rooms to while the rest of the contestants struggle to beat your record.

This MVC 3 tourney will take place in room 3, (The Big room). In order to recreate a vibrant scene, we’ll need your help to invite your followers to the venue. Regardless of whether they’re gamers or not, we can’t have real tourney atmosphere because without spectators the energy won’t be the same. We’re trying to create pressure situations to facilitate growth of resilience which is a key attribute that’s necessary for winning championships. So if you plan on shining and shining to the fullest, bring your FRIENDS as well.


Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)

Bring your own Stick/Controller

No venue Fee

No Entry Fee

Adults (21 and up): Food or Drink Purchase from the Bar ($5 - $7)

Warm-ups: 4pm - 6pm

Start Time: 7pm - 10pm (Person with most consecutive wins within a 3 hour period)

Clause: Most consecutive wins (Win Streak). Minimum of 10 entrants (Bring people).

$50 Cash Prize up for grabs.


8 rooms of gaming, card games and Anime

Game List:

Mortal Kombat 9

BlazBlue (Updated)

Anime + Films + Tv Shows


Marvel vs Capcom 3

Tekken 6 + More

BYOC (Bring your own console and controllers)

21(Adults) only: Food or Drink Purchase from the Bar

Date: 05/29/2011

Time: 4pm - 2am (10 hours of fun times)

Venue: Radio Star Karaoke Bar

you have to be 21 to enter? Because i tried getting in and couldn’t.