[May 19th-20th 2012] X-MANIA EUROPE 2 - Toulouse (France) European Tournament of Legends Qualifier


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I’ve been told that it would be better to post this here than in the events forums as it might not be seen much by ST players there, if that’s a problem, please let me know.

Anyway on the topic of the event, it’s not on the official website yet but on the Neo-Arcadia forums, some news have been annouced.
Here’s a link to the thread, most of the talk is in french but you can post in english without problem : http://www.neo-arcadia.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=30173

[LEFT]So six guests have been announced for now :[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- Professeur Jones (France)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- Damdai (USA)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]- Komoda (Japan)[/LEFT]

  • Yaya (Japan)

[LEFT]- Kusumondo (Japan)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]- Kenpachi (Belgium)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Also i will be there to stream the event, i talked to the owner of Neo Arcadia and said to him it would be nice that the commentary on stream is done in english.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]He agrees but sadly they don’t have people there that speak english good enough for that, so if anyone that come is willing to help, please let me know.[/LEFT]

So as i’m not a ST player and can’t judge their level that precisely, i’ll quote a list made by Wolmar a while ago when someone asked the same thing on the Neo Arcadia forum. Note that he didn’t included himself, from what i saw in most tourneys he deserve to be up there in the list.

I’m excited to see how Komoda and Yaya will perform. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they rarely make appearances outside of Japan.

[LEFT]The owner of Neo Arcadia just annouced that Kusumondo will be back this year, also Kenpachi will be there to represent Belgium.[/LEFT]

Very nice. I wish they would run Xmania in the US.

All these Top players announce an incredible event as the last year ! Hype will be there !!

Latest news :

X-Mania Europe 2 will hold a qualifier for the Tournament of Legends !

The qualifier will be reserved for european players, fee is 10€ and winner gets all the pot, plus a guaranteed spot for the finals to be held at Evo.


Haha, I loved how everyone’s clip shows some cool combos, and then Yaya’s section was mostly a few tiger shots against a cornered Chun.

I think the ability to zone chun with N.gat is a pretty exceptional display of skill.

I’m far more impressed with Yaya’s display of zoning, as opposed to showing off some 5-second clip of cool combos that the previous players displayed. I’d prefer see some more interesting setups or clutch moments that the players used.

Also, I dislike the use of dub-step in an ST trailer.

Impressive sure, but it looks out of place in the clip in contrast to the other player clips. And even then, I don’t think a few seconds of a corner trap can really capture skillful zoning mind games that took a whole match to lead up to.

Nice intro/edit on the vid.

True, especially against Komoda’s clip, but then again, Komoda always displays amazing shit beyond just doing combos. It’s kind of difficult to showcase fireball zoning superiority in a clip that lasts only for several seconds. But it’s always impressive watching Yaya doing so well with N.Sagat just by the fact that he has an amazing ability to throw tiger shots so quickly, while rarely being punished for it. He always knows when to stop in anticipation of a jump in.

Looking again, I think the most interesting part of Yaya’s segment was that the Chun went to neutral to get hit by that high tiger.

The pools and brackets of the solo tourneys have just been drawn, for the 3vs3 it will be done tomorrow evening when all the teams have been decided, the tournament of legend qualifiers bracket will be done at the same time.

You can find all the brackets here, for the solo tourney the first 2 of each pool advance in the final round :


Will there be stream?
Can you provide the stream URL and time (including time zone please)


FYI when I use chrome I got this

Me too.

The stream will be at : http://fr.twitch.tv/swga_maho

The time zone is CEST, that’s GMT +2, for the website don’t worry it has been restored to safety but the google warning hasn’t been updated yet.


What time will the stream start (French time)? Will the ToL qualifier be streamed? Thanks!