May 18 - X-Factor Friday - UMVC3 Tournament in Sacramento/Elk Grove, CA

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

May 18, 2012 (Friday)
Setup and Sign-Ups begin at 5:00pm. Tournament begins at 6:00pm

Tapioca & Tea
9105 Bruceville Rd., Suite #3A
Elk Grove, CA 95758

$7.00 ($5.00 to the prize pot, $2.00 to the venue)
1st - 70% | 2nd - 20% | 3rd - 10% of prize pot

[]Double Elimination Bracket
]All matches are 2/3 games, except Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals which are 3/5 games
[]Winner of a game must keep same characters/assists, loser may change
]Console may be either PS3, 360, or both depending on who brings a setup. View latest posts for updates.
[*]Bring your own controller.
Tapioca & Tea is known for its pearl/boba drinks, but also has a variety of other food, drinks, and snacks.
Please be respectful to the venue and do not bring in any outside food or drinks.

My name is Raymond A.K.A. “X-Ray.” If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me on this thread, or direct message me here on SRK.

I am trying to hold these tournaments every 3rd Friday of the month. Along with Romeo’s TapEx every 1st week of the month, and Jay’s Captiol Fight District every 2nd and 4th week of the month, we should essentially have a UMVC3 tournament every Friday in Sacramento!


[details=Spoiler]Volume 1 - 05/18/12[/details]

Awesome, Ray. I will be there. Can’t wait to get bodied and learn more about UMvC3.

See you there!
And remember, you can’t learn how to win without losing!

Also, if anyone can bring a lagless monitor next week, please get in contact me through this thread. And thanks to everyone who’s already offered to bring setups! I’ll confirm with you guys individually with what i need sometime next week. Aiming for a third setup, but we should still be fine with two.

I’ll try to support as much as I can.

can i come too

Yes, Ster, you may.

Are ravens allowed at this tournament Ray? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, bird call everyone to the tourney!

I’ll probably swing by after Mother’s Day shopping next door at Target

Mother’s day i believe is this weekend - this tournament is not until next weekend.

I’m only going because I’m horny. And will join for the first time in a long time.

I’ll be at as many as possible. Any consideration to the 3/5 format?

Hopefully you can make it this Friday!

And yeah, I’ve considered it and wouldn’t mind doing it. I’d say it all depends on the amount of people and the setups available, since we only have about a little over 3 hours to run the tourney

Chris and I will be there this Friday! =)

I will be at this one.

I’ll be there.
btw this is abe

I’m planning to go, any need for setups?

Would you happen to have a lagless monitor? If so, I wouldn’t mind you bringing it (along with a console + game, of course). If not, don’t worry about it, I think we should be fine with the 2-3 setups i have lined up. Thanks for the offer too btw!

Yah sorry, no EVO moniter.