[May 18, 2012] Battle in the Valley at the OSU Civil War LAN (Corvallis, OR)

This is the first big event put on by the up and coming Corvallis/Albany scene. Come on out and test our local talent! Especially if you’re local but haven’t been to one of our weekly Tuesday Night Fights, come meet our good group of serious and fun players.

There will be fighting games available for the whole event, with casuals and money matches running all weekend. The official tournaments will be taking place on Saturday afternoon:

1 pm: Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012

3pm: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

5pm: Skullgirls

7pm: King of Fighters XIII

Entry to the LAN will be just $5, replacing the tournament venue fee. All tournaments will be $5 buy in, with the pot split being 70/20/10 to top 3 for all tournaments 10 entrants or larger. Smaller tournaments will use adjusted splits to ensure the smallest prize is larger than $5. Tournaments will be taking place on XBOX 360.

Your $5 entry fee also gets you access to food and drink provided for the LAN participants all weekend long.

We won’t have a stream as the internet at the venue is underwhelming and will be under heavy load from the LAN. We will hopefully be recording at least finals matches for later posting.

We’ve even got a poster!


Corvallis’s first tournament, this gonna be good.

Fighting game tournament in Oregon? That sounds like a chocolate peanut-butter situation to me.

Update: We’re going to be having a stream now, streaming at least the finals of each tournament. Stream URL will be posted as soon as it is determined.

I’m going to wear all of my Duck’s gear when I win all the events. Just saying.