[May 14, 2012] STLBW 2.0 | Sprite Nite III: Symphony of the SPRITE (St. Louis, Mo)

It never gets any less hype each time I say this:


After a two week vacation to get ourselves into the brand spanking new STL BarCade, its time for the event series to return, and they return in a huge way with Sprite Nite III! KOF XIII heads will not wanna miss this as resident KOF master Sparkster looks to become a three time event champ. Plus, the Tasty One himself, Steve Scott, WILL be in the building, so we expect some West Coast flavor in the stream chat.

Add that with what should be another great turn out in SkullGirls and MOTW, and you have all the makings for a hyper-than-hype night in the BarCade. If you can’t make it, be sure to get to www.twitch.tv/stlbarwarz (Now with full iOS [http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twitchtv/id460177396?mt=8] and Android [https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tv.twitch.android.viewer&feature=nav_result] app support!) at some point in the night, and if you don’t do that, GET YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER!

(…or you could just watch the archives, I guess.)

Anyways, can’t wait to see you all on Monday!

  • MMC Baztastic


@6PM - Casuals Begin/Stream Setup
@7PM - Tourney Signups commence
@8PM - KOF XIII [$5]
@9PM - Skullgirls [$5]
@10PM - ??? [$?]

2/3 Tourney play. 3/5 Losers/Winners/Grands
All the nights tourneys are double elimination
70/20/10 payout


$5 Venue Fee, or $10 for Unlimited Fountain Soda.
[$15 Month Long Passes also available, see the GodLike level in the post below]
More Info : http://tinyurl.com/stlbarwarzvenuefeeinfo

If you want to waive the $5 venue fee and help out STLBarWarz please register to reserve a station for your setup. Set-ups must include both a console and a screen. During tournaments STLBarWarz reserves the right to ask you to set your station to a particular game, however you may otherwise play whatever you’d like at your set-up. We may also be preferential to those who bring ASUS or other low-lag monitors vs. monitors which have noticeable lag. If you reserve a station in advance you have until the first tournament starts to get it set up or your space may be used by someone else.

For those who bring a set-up without a reservation you will be allowed to set-up on a first come first serve basis until all the spots are filled. We will also waive your venue fee. (Note: If you and a friend come up and one brings a console and the other a screen, only one person can claim that setup… the other must still pay).

As always, STL BarWarz is proudly brought to you with support from our sponsors:

Slackers CDs & Games [www.slackers.com]
Project GiantSword [www.projectgiantsword.com]
LogicFighter [www.LogicFighter.com]
4 Hands Brewery [www.4handsbrewery.com],
Medwahks, dohka, & accessories [www.Medwahk.com]
& The Hawk Alliance.

We are proud to announce that Monday night will also be the debut of Fish & Bicycle’s [http://www.facebook.com/fishnbicycle] own Kaelan Ramos (known around our parts as THA SMMM) and his brand new FBA-front loaded CPS2 machine! Take a look at the level of design put into the marquee and other interfaces will look like this Monday:


just more #hype to look forward to come Monday! Have a great weekend, and tell your mom you love her, you dig?





Just received word that Garou is canceled due to the NeoGeo MVS being broke. Rumor is we may go with 3S instead, so come out to find out what we will have going on!


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