[May 13, 2012] NorCalibur S1 Ranbat #3 (Soul Calibur V) (San Mateo, CA)

Let’s get ready for the next Soul Calibur V ranbat!
Signups start from 3pm till the start of the tournament at 4pm.

Same rules at last time.
Double elimination. 2/3 matches until w/l finals, where it’ll be 3/5.
No Created characters (aka no Devil Jin style),
official cast characters only (Dampierre included and allowed.)

Bring your own ps3 controller/cable/stick.
Also bring your headphones if you don’t want to be distracted,
Possible plugin into direct game audio upon request only if we get the setup working.

Cost: 7$ Wristband (Pay to Game Center)
5$ Entry fee (Pay to me when you sign up)
Event is free to watch in persona and on our stream
Stream starts at around 4pm @ twitch.tv/norcalibur