May 12th 2007 - The Ultimate Mayn Event Tournament

Though this is primarily for the Tekken players this year, I’m also posting this here. The remaining tournaments are Capcom affiliated.

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Hello Everyone,

It looks like I’ll be completely returning to my tournament sponsoring roots in Tekken as of this post. With that said, I am proud to announce the 6th tournament in the Mayn Event Tournament Series - The Ultimate Mayn Event. Take a look at the details to see what this year has to offer. Also, posts like these usually are text heavy for everyone, so here’s a quick guide for you.

– Tekken 5 DR Tournament Feature Event
– 1st Place Winner: Round Trip Tickets Paid to Las Vegas for Evolution 2007
– 1st Place Winner: Mayn Event Trophy
– Cash bonus prizes awarded to 1st - 3rd place
– Return of the State v State Tournament
– Bracket Setup
– Other Tournaments
– Roulette Cash Bonus
– Mayn Event Website Version 3
– Game Music Contest Version 3
– Pending Fees
– Location and The Future
– Accomodations
– Advertisement


Tournament A

Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection
– Saturday: May 12th, 2007
– Signups will begin at Noon
– Tournament will begin at 1PM
– Tournament Fee: $10 per person
– 2 out of 3 Match Format, with 3 out of 5 rounds per match
– Winners Finals, Losers Finals: 3 out of 5 Match Format, same Round Format
– Grand Finals: 4 out of 7 Match Format

– 1st Place: 70% And
– 1st Place: Official 2007 Mayn Event Poster
– 1st Place: $250 Cash Bonus And
– 1st Place: Mayn Event Tournament Trophy And
– 1st Place: Round Trip Tickets to Evolution 2007 in Las Vegas, NV
– 2nd Place: 20% And
– 2nd Place: Official 2007 Mayn Event Poster And
– 2nd Place: $125 Cash Bonus
– 3rd Place: 10% And
– 3rd Place: And Official 2007 Mayn Event Poster And
– 3rd Place: $75 Cash Bonus
– Additional prizes may be available through my benefactor.

Tournament Addendums
– There will be a minimum of 2 machines available. Maximum of 3-4 machines.
– All card and controller ports functional as of this post (original 2 machines only)
– To H#1: I haven’t forgotten your trophy :slight_smile:
– Ticket for Evo will be coach (Only Judgment Day flies First Class)
– Additional information will be added as time develops.
– For the winner: You must provide a valid license for ticket purchase. Tickets will be for the exact dates of Evo National or whatever is agreed upon based on your schedule, in relative to Evo National (leave on Monday for example). A phone number must be provided for optimal communication. Tickets must be purchased within one week of the Ultimate Mayn Event, or the prize becomes null and void.


Tournament B
Michigan’s State v State Team Tournament Part II
Featuring Tekken 5 - Dark Resurrection

– One of the most memorable Michigan Tournaments from Wizzards Arcade returns to kick ass and take names.
– Saturday: May 12th, 2007
– Signups will begin at 5PM
– Tournament will begin at 6PM
– 4 People = 1 Team
– 16 Team Cap = 64 people
– Standard Winners and Losers Bracket
– Tournament Fees: $15 per person. This means $60 per team!!!
– Wizzards Style Payouts 80% for 1st and 20% for 2nd

The Team Tournament Format
– The rules will mimic the tournament from November of 2000 with noted exceptions since this is Tekken 5 and NOT Tekken Tag Tournament.
– Round Format will change from 5 to 7.
– Each team picks their team order. Every player must play at least once through each rotation to ensure that everyone plays as a team. In case of a probable ‘counter’ pick with team players, each team can request for a blind order. The order will be written on a sheet of paper and given to staff of the Tournament Administrator.

Team A v Team B

Player 1A v Player 2B
Player 2A v Player 4B
Player 3A v Player 1B
Player 4A v Player 3B

– Each faceoff will be one match only. Best 5 of 7 Rounds. Winner of the match receives 1 point. The team who reaches 4 points advances and the losing team gets sent to the losers bracket or eliminated (depending on where they are in the bracket).
– If more than four matches are played, both teams can rearrange their order. They do NOT have to use the same order in the first rotation (bold face is the winner):

Player 1A v Player 2B
Player 2A v Player 4B
Player 3A v Player 1B
Player 4A v Player 3B
Player 3A v Player 4B
Player 2A v Player 1B
Team A wins 4-2

– During each rotation, a player cannot play more than once. What’s not allowed:
Player 1A v Player 2B
Player 1A v Player 4B NO
Player 3A v Player 1B
Player 4A v Player 3B

– Also NOT allowed
Player 1A v Player 2B
Player 2A v Player 4B
Player 3A v Player 1B
Player 4A v Player 3B
Player 3A v Player 4B NO
Player 3A v Player 1B NO
Player 3A v Player 4B NO

Tournament Addendums
– This format may be upped from 7 rounds to 9. This is pending and NOT a guarantee.
– This will be the definitive format throughout the Team Tournament. During the finals, if the team from the loser’s bracket defeats the team in the winner’s bracket, they will play another team match set.
– For blind team order requests, it will be done per rotation. This means, only write the order of your 4 teammates, and not the complete total of 4+3 in case of rotation.
– Blind Team requests take priority


Roulette Cash Bonus Contest
– Last year I concluded that under such conditions and travels, everyone deserves a remote chance of leaving this tournament with some $$$. A lot of players don’t get recognized as they should, so I implemented this money match contest where everyone has a chance to win. EVERYONE. This includes the losers bracket as well…as long as you have the drive to win, you have a chance. This is for Tekken 5 DR Singles only.
– Tickets will be sold under the following prices:
[]$1.00 = 1 ticket
]$3.00 = 5 tickets
[*]$5.00 = 10 tickets

– All tickets will be put in a container for a drawing. At the beginning of each part of the bracket (winners or losers) a series of tickets will be drawn. If your ticket is drawn, and you win your match set, you’ll receive $25! Now here’s where the fun comes in.
– There will be a total of TEN drawings this year, each at $25 apiece. Totalling $250
– You are eligible to win multiple times. So if you have 2 tickets and win your match set, you win $50. The roulette is not rank dependant, so anyone has a shot. Even the tournament winner.
– As mentioned before, the series of tickets (starting at 10) will be drawn prior to a full bracket set. So if there’s a series of ‘byes’ in the initial part of the tournament, the drawings will not begin. If for some reason we have 62-63 players, I’ll make an exception.
– The winning tickets will NOT be announced until the bracket set ends. This is to avoid sandbagging or purposely altering the tournament to win the money at your leisure.
– If your ticket is drawn, and you LOSE your match set, you will NOT earn the money. It will get carried over to the next bracket set. So for example, if we start off with the winners bracket, and out of the 10 drawings we have 3 winners, 7 drawings will take place in the losers bracket.
– If a ticket is drawn where the player does not reside in that bracket, it will be placed back into the container. Drawings will continue until a player is picked residing in that bracket.
– Judgment Day is the only one who will draw the tickets and announce the winners when the bracket set ends.

The Administrator Exception Rule:
The Administrator = Judgment Day

–I am also eligible for this drawing (And I will participate). If I win the drawing, it will be announced immediately. This is to prevent any fraud type regulations with how I do things (Draw a ticket only to tell people I won at the end of the bracket sounds even shady to me). Granted I can be trusted, and this rule helps to prove it. I did in fact win a drawing last year, but did not win my match set.
– The remaining money if a winner is never chosen will go to me. This has never happened before, so odds are good that someone will win. Remember, the more tickets you buy, the better odds you have.
– If at any case, the Administrator places in the actual singles tournament, he will be null and void of all cash bonuses. The trip prize will also be null and void.


Bracket Setup
– Initial Bracket Setup will be made so that no one from their residing state will play each other. I am against people making a huge travel just to play someone they came with in the first round, and this will be prevented for all players EXCEPT Michigan. I won’t go to much into detail unless it’s requested.
– The signup sheet will have name and state (or country) of residence. IF YOU DO NOT WRITE YOUR RESIDENCE YOU ARE PRONE TO PLAYING ANYONE. So don’t cry if you don’t follow the rules when it’s too late. I’m not one to show mercy for someone under such conditions. Talk to a wall or something.
– Remember that after the initial 1st round, you are still suspect to playing anyone. I must remind you that this is still tournament play. Remember what that means.
– NO TIES in ANY TOURNAMENTS. This will forfeit ALL prizes, cash bonuses or other incentives. I almost did that last year with CvS2. There will be no exceptions this time.
– Any game breaking techniques which are the standard for tournament play (such as the double character select on CvS2) will be prohibited. Even though there are none to speak of for games like T5 DR, this must be mentioned if for some reason something comes up. If this rule is violated, the player will forfeit all bonuses and prizes. They will NOT receive a tournament refund.
– No foul play. Again, if this rule is violated and abused, it’s to my discretion along with AFC management to do what is necessary. This includes forfeiture of all bonuses and prizes. NO refunds.


Mayn-Event Website
– A couple of personal issues (mostly including my brother being briefly hospitalized), prevented me from updating the site like I should have. Sometime during the week of April 15th (one month before the tournament) I will release Version 3 of the site to advertise The Ultimate Mayn Event to the gaming public. My goal is to make it an award winning site, so wish me luck.


Music Tournament Part III
– Who says you need to attend The Mayn Event at all? May 7th begins the 3rd Annual Music Contest. To make it brief, a series of songs will be uploaded and all you have to do is guess the game that it’s from. Guess correctly and you get a series of points. At the end, the player with the most points gets $100!
– This contest is FREE.
– Points will be based on the song’s difficulty. The Battle Theme to Final Fantasy 7 will be a lot easier to guess than Stage 5 from Strider 2. So that will be worth more points.
– It will not be limited to fighting games. So prepare to test your brain…!
– In order to make things interesting, there will be obstacles such as mp3 files hidden throughout the website, tracks that will subtract points from yourself, AND OTHERS. A small sign that this contest will also be more interactive than last year.
– Official rules will be posted on the site’s release.
– Year 1: 105 songs. Year 2: 125 songs. This year? 150


Pending Fees
– No fees other than standard tournament fees and side jackpots



Official Tournament Location:
American Fun Center (Oakland Mall)
672 West 14 Mile Road
Troy, MI 48083


Accomodations and Housing

Red Roof Inn

Holiday Inn

There are certain players that may provide housing. I’m unfortunately not one of them, but the best way to find out is to speak up. You can save yourself a bit of money, but remember, RESPECT their property.


– The 2007 poster will be revived designed by ColdFuzion Studios, set to be released in mid April.
– There was a contest for Version 3 of the Mayn Event that featured best designs for card holders. Those lucky winners and Spero Gin will have their tournaments paid for and designs featured on the Mayn Event Website. Artist will be
– A series of flyers will be distributed during the second week of April. If anyone wants to help distribute them, let me know.
– This will be a 100% arcade affiliated tournament.
– I am trying to convince Namco to customize a fixed title to whoever wins the singles for Tekken 5 DR (if they own a card). Winner will read Mayn Event Champion.


I will be personally holding the Tekken 5 DR portion of the tournament.

Grego from Michigan will be hosting 3rd Strike, and Rusty will be holding CvS2.

Those rules are as follows:

**Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
Start Time: May 12th at 3PM (Time subject to change)
Entry Fee: $10 per person
Format: 2 out of 3 throughout until Final Rounds / Double Elimination
Winners Finals: 3 out of 5
Losers Finals: 3 out of 5
Grand Finals: 4 out of 7
Payout: 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
Misc: Please see above for the Bracket Setup rules which are global (ie. rules valid for all 3 games). One machine will be provided for this tournament.

**Capcom v SNK 2
Start Time: May 12th at 1PM (Time subject to change)
Entry Fee: $10 per person
Format: 2 out of 3 throughout THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT
Payout: 1st-70%, 2nd-20%, 3rd-10%
Misc: Please see above for the Bracket Setup rules which are global (ie. rules valid for all 3 games). Two machines will be provided for this tournament.

There is a small possibility that a cash bonus may be offered for CvS2, but it will not come from me. Grego and Rusty will be running these, so if you have any questions, see them. However, any arguments that the tournament coordinators cannot solve will lead me to be the final say. Also, if you have any questions about the event in general, or if I forgot something, let me know. Until then, I will hand the floor to those to for any basic inquiries. Thanks again.

gonna be hype for cvs2, people should show up for this

i might be holding cvs 2 teams, if we have time…

seems like no one is coming to mayn event for cvs 2 -_-