[May 12, 2012] Salty Saturdays FGC Tornament (Scarsdale, NY)

Tornament at Clarkson’s Corner 4 Grayrock Rd. Scarsdale, NY Saturday May 12. Signups start at 4pm and end at 5pm.
Games Played:
Street Fighter 4 AE, Street Fighter x Teken(2v2), Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Skullgirls.
Xbox 360 is the main… system being played on.
$10 Venue Fee. (includes casual play)
$20 ENTRY ($10 for each member of the team) for Street Fighter x Tekken 2v2
$10 ENTRY for Ultimate MvC3
$10 ENTRY for SSF4 Arcade Edition Ver. 2012
$5 ENTRY for Skullgirls
Hosted by Team Run That Back