[May 12, 2012] [May 12, 2012] RCR Gaming Tournament (Madison, AL)

May 12, 2012
Registration starts at 11am

** Where**
Holiday Inn Huntsville Research Park
5901-5831 University Dr NW
Huntsville, Al 35806

$10 Venue Fee / $10 Per Tournament

for less than 16 entrants: top 3 payout 70/30/10
any game with more than 16 entrants will have DEEP payouts! the more people who enter, the more people get paid!
PLUS tournaments with more than 16+ entrants will receive a BONUS $50 to the pot!
tournaments with more than 32+ entrants will receive a BONUS $100 total to the pot!

[]1:00pm KOF 13 (PS3)
]1 match rounds
[]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals,
]Double Elimination
[]1:30pm Super Street Fighter IV: AE v2012 (Xbox 360)
]2/3 Rounds
[]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Losers ,winners, and Grand Finals
]Double Elimination
[]All available in-game button macros are legal.
]2:30pm SFxT (Xbox 360)
[]2/3 Rounds
]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Finals
[]Double Elimination
]2v2 teams if we have at least 8 teams
[]3:30pm SC5 (PS3)
]3/5 Rounds
[]2/3 Matches, 3/5 Matches Finals,
]Double Elimination
[]4:00pm Skull Girls(Xbox 360)
]2/3 Rounds
[]2/3 Matches 3/5 finals
]Double Elimination
[]4:30pm Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (Xbox 360)
]3/5 Matches, 4/7Losers ,Winners, and Grand Finals
[*]Double Elimination

For Questions, email me at adamwandler@yahoo.com or call/text me at (256)520-5323

Guardian Heroes 2v2 plz.

I can lay down the game rules if you need 'em.

Is kof going to be 3 on 3 or 1 on 1.

KOF will be 3v3. 1 match rounds means one match 3 characters vs 3 characters. People should know that by now lol.
I think I can make this, thats the week of my last final and I don’t have to work that Saturday w00t.
No stream this time? Or you just not sure if Experimilk will be there? I know he said he’s been really busy.

So, I’ll be brining a Guardian Heroes setup and running this thing.

System: 360
Time: TBD (likely to be around the same time that UMvC3 starts)
Format: 2/3 matches, Double Elimination, 2v2 teams (will run as long as I can get at least 8 players / 4 teams)
Entry: $5 per player ($10 per team)
Payout: 70/30

Proposed rules:



  • random stage select
  • stat editing allowed
  • winning team is character-locked and stat-locked; losing team can counter-pick

This is basically the default rules for Remix mode with the following adjustments:

  • 3-minute time limit per match instead of 10-minutes
  • locked starting position instead of random
  • all characters locked at level 50 instead of adjustable between levels 45-55
  • super-powered characters and boss characters banned: Han the Hero, Undead Hero, Sky Spirit, Earth Spirit, Kanon, Super Zur, and Golden Silver

I would be open to turning off the following 2 settings if people want it:

Element Mods: By default, most characters have a resistance or weakness to different elemental attacks (force, fire, ice, thunder, light, dark). The only characters that this really effects are the banned boss characters anyway. (Golden Silver is immune to everything except thunder elemental attacks, and he still resists even those. You have to attack his gems to deal any significant damage to him, just like in Gunstar Heroes. But he’s banned anyway.) I think this aspect of the game is kind of interesting in how it differintiates the characters, though if anyone else has a preference otherwise feel free to say so.

Luck Mods: By default, the Luck stat affects your chance of critical hits, your chance of random evasion, the duration of stun and the chance of inflicting stun on enemies, and maybe a few things I’m forgetting. Turning Luck Mods off removes these effects and effectively makes Luck a useless stat for most characters. (Some characters, like Nicole, have magic spells that change in effect depending on the Luck stat, and these effects still persist whether Luck Mods are turned on or off). Turning off this feature makes the game less “random,” but I’m kind of indifferent when it comes to taking this game super seriously. This one’s up to you guys.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

Can Skullgirls matches that arent 1v1 be 3 out of 5?

You’re gonna have a couple of SoulCalibur players from GA come out to this. Maybe even more.

Glad to hear some GA representation will be making it!

The sign says “The INN at Madison”

RCR Results

1: TooMuchDapVip
2: Solid Play
3: 645
4: Astaroth
5: Raekwon
5: KaziKaro
7: Evan
7: Wandles
9: FreakboiTryx
9: Jamal
9: Zega
9: MARQ Petater Salad
13: BDP Jeffy
13: Boomcube
13: Chris
13: LukeR
17: Hanging Squid
17: BDP Slick
17: Bubbalicious
17: FDE Excited Beast
17: David Kim
17: Don
17: MARQ Two piece and a Biscuit
17: TAG_Ash

Skull Girls
1: Smilax
2: Hanging Squid
3: BDP Jeffy
4: ISO_Chicken_Hawk
5: Zida
5: BDP Orpheus
7: TAG_Ash
7: LukeR

1: Boomcube
2: Negro Justice
3: Jacob Ford
4: Nice1
5: FDE Excited Beast
5: JTO
7: Stark
7: Inubito
9: NaughtyZeut
9: Bubbalicious
9: Walt
9: ExperiMilk
13: BDP Voracious
13: JRowand

1: Astaroth
2: JTO
3: LukeR
4: Dopey
5: GOGOPlata
5: KaziKaro
7: Jonathan Wilson

1: Nagato
2: Raekwon
3: Jacob Ford
4: BDP Jeffy
5: NaughtyZeut
5: Boomcube
7: BDP Voracious
7: Walt
9: ISO Ice
9: Negro Justice