[May 12, 2012] Massholes Clash (5/12/12) (Framingham, MA)

Where: 1251 Worcester Rd. Framingham, MA 01701
When: May 12, 2012
**Sign-ups: **11:00 am, Tournament Begins at 12:00pm
Don’t regret being late.

[LEFT]Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v.2012 - $10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - $10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter x Tekken 2v2’s - $10[/LEFT]
[LEFT]King of Fighters XIII - tba[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Skullgirls - tba[/LEFT]
[LEFT]I will be open to doing KOF, Skull Girls, Power Stone, etc. but I will need assistant TO’s if those tournaments are to take place. The last one took (after waiting 2 1/2 hours, which will not happen again) 9 hours for AE, Marvel, and SFxT alone, so I will not budge on this issue. If you would like to help out, PM me or post up in the Game Underground MA thread.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Tournament is Standard Double Elimination format[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2012: 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**Mahvel: **2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]**SFxT 2v2: **2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]KoFXIII: 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Skullgirls: 2/3 Games per Set[/LEFT]

Players can elect a blind character select if they wish.
Character lock on win - You may change your character if you lose a game.
Stage Select will be RANDOM at all times!!
Cash pot will be split between all games - 70/20/10
Venue Fee is $5

Winner/Loser’s Finals as well as Grand Finals will be Best 3/5 Sets.
Seeding will be done by region if requested (like if you’re paired up with someone you drove down with first round), otherwise it will be random. Keep in mind this is a local - getting paired up by chance with someone you know in second round happens.

If you wanna get your venue fee waved, bring a System, game and/or Asus monitor! Post up in the Game Underground, MA thread if you plan on doing so, so we don’t get 30 extra systems lying around.

That settles it; I’m going to a fighting game tournament every weekend in May, and one or two of them will be majors!

Also, if I go I will bring a 360 with SSFIVAE2012.

I will have a 360 system with ASUS monitor to bring.

This is relative to my interests.

@Kurai Ryu OH HELL YEAH. why did u guys wait 2 1/2 hrs 4 last turny? and what are the pot amounts? any chance we can start everything 1 hour later?

Dunno if I’m going to this, it’s the same weekend as On The Edge in NYC. If I do go I can bring a setup for Skullgirls and/or MK9 and run the brackets for that/those game/games.

yo where skullgirls

If money allows, I’ll be there and would volunteer a 360 with either AE2012, SFxT, or UMvC3.

Yeah…I realized that it is indeed on the same weekend, and we sort of planned to go to On the Edge. I’m still in there for On the Edge, but if we don’t go to that, I would definitely go to this instead.

Needs more SG.

Will be going

Random stages? Picking stages became a problem in the pass?

VolcanicAkuma: A certain hashtag spamming player who happened to win his event and did not give me any of his winnings in thanks for holding the tourney for him. :wink:

It’s standard for every fighting game tournament ever, unless there are banned stages in a given game. It solves the potential nit picky bitch problem of “I want this stage” “No I want this stage” bullshit. Some stage colors work for or against certain character color schemes, and I want zero chance that an important, albeit slight variable be tampered with. It will be randomized.

I presume the esteemed Messrs. Stevens and Crowley will b in attendance? Stage colors working for or against char color schemes? Thats only relevant for Blankas last alternate costume. Ive never seen that for any other character.

Historic Distillery for life.

You’ve only played one game competitively, apparently. This is a VERY old rule.

yeah pretty much. the rule’s sensible in the case of arguing over which stage (stupid as that is). its just the char advantage i dont get. can we start things at 1?


1 o’clock PM

Not for SFxT. Last time, everything took much longer than expected, and we were only running three games. Looks like we’re going to be running 5 this time around. We’ll be starting SFxT first, so if you’re playing anything else, you may have time to show up late. I’m going to dedicate the first hour or so of the tournament to sfxt to move the bracket along as much as possible, then we’ll begin AE. Marvel players, expect to begin around 3. These are tentative schedules - I’ll be running them as fast as I can. All players should be present and signed up for their particular game one hour before it begins. Basically, you have to wait for me, but I don’t have to wait for you. Kekeke. ^.^

I will not be switching this game order on the day of the tournament. If you have issue with it and have another suggestion, please contact me or post up.

We will have assigned TO’s for each particular game, so there is no confusion. I will introduce each one before said tournament begins so you know who to report to. TO’s are to stay at their posts unless they are in a match.

Since there was such a quick response to my request for assistant TO’s, KOF and Skull Girls are now added to the game roster!! Big thanks to Cheeseburger, Half-Empty, and Kona for volunteering so quickly.

I’m salty that I’m not going to be there to enter Skullgirls. I hope everyone who enters ties for last place, except for Fade Dash who I hope gets less than last place somehow.