[May 12, 2012] Cinderslam 3 (Pearl, MS)

Passion, Excited, Blood Boiling, Adrenaline Rush, if your an true gamer then you truly have witness all of these at during your heart pounding matches before. Hello, Im Kyoji24 and we here at 32 Bit Dreams Entertainment would like to invite you all out to Cinderslam 3. The past Cinderslam was full of alot of surprises among some of the nations best players and I know that the next one will be even bigger and better.

Yes we are at it again to bring forward to you one of the summer’s hottest tournaments. Our past tournaments have been bringing some of the best players from around the south and we hope to expand our events to people across the globe. For those of you have been to our past events then you already know that they be some of the Hypest ones around and you already know the players here in my home state are ready to throw down. Below I will explain the rules/fees for those of you who hasnt ever attended. Also to those that plan to attend, if you were to bring a full setup(which includes an lagless tv or monitor, along with an playstation 3 and any of the following games) then you entry will be free. We can never have to many setups at an tournament.
I am asking to everyone that plans to attend this event to get there as early as you can so we can start the event on time. I am also asking for people to have change and not bring huge dollar bills so that we can move things along more accurately.

There will be an registration fee of $10 for the gamers as well as an $10 entry fee for each game that you enter, there is also an $5 per spectators. Doors will open to everyone at begin registration at 10:00a.m. and the tourney will start at 12 noon. These are the following games will be held at the event:

Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Street Fighter x Tekken
Mortal Kombat 9
Soulcalibur 5
King of Fighters 13

All GAMES are Double Elim.–Best 2 out of 3. All FINALS will be an Best 3 out of 5 Bout!!! Of course you all know that this will also be an B.Y.O.C.( if you don’t know what that is it means bring your own controllers or fightsticks people) for the games that you plan on playing on the Playstation 3 system. If time permits then we will also be doing team battles (3 on 3) in each game. There will be cash prizes and the payout is as followed:

Payouts are standard tournament pay which is:
1st place: 70%
2nd place: 20%
3rd place: 10%

To whomever is going to bring a tv+system please contact me us ahead of time and your badge will be paid for. You can never have too many tv’s+systems at a console tournament! Make sure they aren’t TV’s with lag. You maybe use to playing on them, but if they have lag I can’t use them due to everyone will complain playing on them! We will test them out before we give you the badge. Also they must be at least a 19" tv with system and game to qualify for a badge. Let’s kick the summer off with a bang with the summer’s hottest tournament! I hope to see everyone there and make this a huge success. Lets do this!!!

For more information please Contact 32 Bit Dreams Entertainment at:
32bitdreams@gmail.com or 601-951-4229

Only 1 1/2 months away from the summer’s hottest tournament

A lot closer than i thought yet further than anyone in my crew is willing to drive…

How far away is that from you sir

9 hours man. Oklahoma!

OH WOW lol, some guys are coming from arkansas to the tourney. Not sure if you know them but check with them if you are still willing to come. SmokeMaxx and a few others are coming down and they are staying that weekend. We would love to have ya if possible though.

Lol oh we know em. We are the bestest of pals. Even then they’re 4 hours away from us so if we were gonna commit we would probably just go lol

Hahaha, I totally understand that sir

We in there!

For those of you who may not be able to attend the fun filled tournament you can watch it on the stream here: http://twitch.tv/rawkusx

How nice are you guys? I might show up but I don’t have a ps3 stick.

[LEFT]I’ll have the following for sale at the tourney:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]WWE All Stars Brawl Stick - New (PS3) - $35[/LEFT]
[LEFT]HORI SC5 Arcade Stick - Used (PS3) - $105[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2 MadCatz SFxT Arcade Sticks - New (360) - $120 each[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Prices may be negotiable, especially if you buy more than one item.

I’m positive people will have sticks to borrow as well. [/LEFT]