[May 1, 2012] Fight Club at Shogun (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Fight Club will continue at the Shogun Japanese restaurant featuring UMvC3 and MK9 this time around. Don’t forget my brother, Taxmaster, will be running Kafe Fight Club in May. Come show and have some fun since I know some of you are preparing for Evo. No entry fee and registration starts at 7pm.Edit http://utahfightcircuit.weebly.com/shogun-fight-club.html link with all the information.Edit

I’ll probably be there.

What systems are you playing in and what are the prizes?

I live Pretty close to there so i will More thank likely go

Both games will be played on the Xbox 360 console. There are no prizes for this event but we will be tracking points over the course of the events for the top 3 and then invite the best players for a another tournament down the line.

So this is on Tuesday or have you not decided yet? I’ll be there whatever day it is.

This will be on Tuesday, May 1st at Shogun. The other one will be on May 12. The website that is in the first post will give you all the information.