Maxx's art thread

So im starting to learn to color oh ps finally so i thought id show u guys my progress so far…this picture is going to drive me mad.

an “endling” is here lol

will I be seeing you at anime boston this year?

yupyup. ab this weekend!

I’m an art newb but I was interested in doing something like this when I don’t have classes anymore. Did you just draw this and scan it in or did you draw it all on your computer?

That’s pretty sweet!

didnt draw it…using it for color practice. this guy drew it…

dang. I was gonna say the lines are nice. Good start on colors but I would establish a color scheme first and group similar colors to the same layers. That way the colors are unified and you don’t end up with 300 layers.

Normally when you do this, it’s probably a good idea to give credits to the artist who did the lines first.

funny u mention this…i realized after i posted the pic i was gonna drive myself insane wit so many layers so i deleted them all and now i got like 1 layer for skins 1 layer for different random items and 1 for clothes…these are just the flats once those are in place ill figure out what i wanna do for the different shades.