Maximum Mayhem SF4/Chattanooga, TN/September 26, 2009

Maximum Mayhem SF4+Tekken 5 DR tournament rules.

Entry Fee $10
All characters allowed.
bring your own controller
All level select will be random.
Double elimination 3 matches, 3 rounds
Semi finals and finals will be 5 matches, 3 rounds
championship round will be 7 matches, 3 rounds
Winners must keep their character, losers are allowed to select a different character
Double Blind Selection may be requested
No hardware macros or turbo
Tournament will run on PS3

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection Tournament just added
$10 entry fee

Banned: Jinpachi
Double elimination 3 matches, 5 rounds
Semi finals and finals will be 5 matches, 3 rounds
championship round will be 7 matches, 3 rounds

1st place: 40% of entry fees
2nd place: 20% of entry fees

Tournaments will be held at Dicehead Games 6231 perimeter drive Chattanooga, TN
Dicehead phone#423-553-1960 for directions and info.

Tekken 5 registration will begin at 2:30 pm event will begin at 3:30
SF4 Registration will start at 4 P.M. our main event will begin at 6 P.M.

If your coming let me know, I’ll add you to the roster.

SF4 Tournament Roster

SF4 Tournament Roster.

Chris Botts
Austin Hardin
Ken Hamilton
Derek Mummert
Matt Jacks
Puneral Funeral
W. Taylor
The Repo Man 666
Matt Ferguson
Bloody Grin End

Tekken 5 DR roster:

Jaymes Galloway
Matt Jacks

now that I dont have to go through the planning headaches I’ll definitly compete

Do you still wish for me to be there to help run everything and keep things flowing? I won’t participate, simply because I’m burned out on SF4.

I know plenty about this, as i was helping with the planning originally.

I have about 5 people helping me setup and run the tournament. What I need now is more ppl to compete! :lol: If you know anyone that wants to compete send them my way! You are more than welcome to come and observe even if you don’t want to compete but I do appreciate the offer. :smile:

Being played on PS3/360?

It will be played on PS3

Okay then, please put me down.

Are you covered on games or do we need to bring ours?

We should have 'em covered but You can bring them just in case. Thanks

might want to bring both fullmetal

I hope I get beezlboss in the first round I want to put him in the losers bracket myself

Stumbled upon this. We’ll see if we can send some Dalton warriors up there to compete. Can’t go myself, though.

I appreciate it!

Potentially two players going. May get more when we all meet up for games this week or next week. The venue looks small from the looks of the pictures on What’s the player cut off point?

I promise its bigger than it looks. Our cut off is 50 this time, but next time it will be a lot more. We have 5 PS3s to work with so the tournament should run pretty smooth. and We’re running casuals before and during the tournament so everybody can stay ready to go.

Fury sure has a big mouth, it’ll make it easier to put my foot in it.

A few things that are wrong that should be corrected for Tekken 5 DR.

  1. Devil Jin should not be banned. He is top tier, but far from banning material.
  2. Games are 3 out of 5 rounds unlike the SFIV setup of 2 out of 3 rounds. Matches are 2 out of 3 games, semi finals are 3 out of 5 games, and finals being 4 out of 7 games which is the same to SFIV.

Tournament info updated!

They’re banning Devil Jin?