Maximum amount of power being supplied?

So I turned on my ps3 for the first time in a few months and I’m getting this error:
Maximum amount of power is being sent to usb device. Please remove at least one device.
This is when trying to use my multi platform, official hitbox which I bought brand new. The hitbox is the only thing plugged in. Obviously this is very disturbing to me as the last time the system was on it worked perfectly fine, it was all unplugged and simply collecting dust until now, yet this is happening. Happen to anyone else? Any solutions? I spent 250 on this thing and only got like 3 months of actual play time on it. Not pleased.

To help troubleshoot:

  1. Does the message appear when the Hitbox is not plugged in?

  2. Does the message appear when another device (controller or stick) other than the Hitbox is plugged in?

It seems unlikely that the Hitbox is at fault here. Many of us here use 2+ sticks with multiple PCBs + LEDs in each stick on consoles without any issues. Narrowing down the cause/culprit would be the first step.

I don’t get it when nothing is plugged in. When I plug in my dual shock 3 I do not receive the message either.

I’m not sure if the Dual Shock 3 counts as a wired controller when plugged in; you wouldn’t happen to have another stick to plug in for a test, would you?
The PCB that’s used in official Hitboxes is a PS360+ for multi-console versions), and it seems odd (and very unlikely) that it’d try to draw more power than the system can provide.

Two tests at this point that would be useful to perform:

  1. Plug in another stick, preferably with a PS360+ inside, to your PS3
  2. Take your Hitbox, and plug it into another/different PS3

Unfortunately I.have nothing else to plug in, and don’t have another ps3 either. I’ve found that if I start the ps3 with out it connected abd have it set on my desk it works for like 1 minute, but after that, or if I move it a millimeter I get the message again abd it won’t work until I restart again.