Maximize your damage part twooooooooooooooooooo! (usf4)

Please refer to this thread [details=Spoiler]Maximize your DAMAGE!
Please keep in mind this is tested from the USF4 PC mod and may be subject to change based on any future changes that may happen in future patches.

**New BnB’s:
**Knee hop -> st HK = 180 DMG!
Knee hop -> st HK -> Super = 460 DMG
Knee hop -> st HK -> Super -> Ultra 1 = 620 DMG
(Keep in mind jump in HK -> st HK -> Super -> Ultra 1 = 694 DMG)

Jump in MK -> cr LP x2 -> st MP -> MK Sobat kicks = 267 (cr MP to EX sobat kicks do 266)

**True BNB easy Max combo!
**Jump in MK -> st MK -> cr LP -> st MP -> HK Sobat kicks = 317! (EX 323) ( classic combo st MK -> cr LP -> cr MP -> HK Sobat does 310, EX does 316)

Knee hop -> cr HP = 140 DMG
Knee hop -> cr HP -> Air Slasher
Knee hop -> cr HP -> Sobat kicks

(Couldn’t get Sobat kicks into super to cancel for some reason, nor up charge)

**New super easy wall combo!
**Jump in MK -> st MK -> ex Air Slasher -> st MP -> HK Sobat kicks = 367 DMG (easier link than st MK)
Jump in HK -> st MK -> ex Air Slasher -> st MP -> HK Sobat kicks = 407 DMG

**Counter Hit combo (I here by dub these combos as the “Slim Pickin’s combos!”)
**CH st MP -> cr Lp -> cr MP -> Air Slasher = 206 DMG (EX
CH st MP -> cr Lp -> cr MP -> HK Sobat kick = 262 DMG (EX 269, Not worth it!) (cr Lp x2 -> cr MP can be linked as well) (Lk Sobat = 234 DMG)
CH st MP -> cr LP -> st MP -> HK Sobat kick = 270 DMG (Too hard!)

Jump in MK -> st MK -> st MP -> HK Sobat kick = 323 DMG (Character specific! List coming soon!) (x2 st MK is only 357)

The st MK -> st MP combos are really character specific to maximize your DMG. Some characters cannot be combo-ed via far st MP, you’ll get the close MP which does less dmg
(far 90, close 70)

Thats it for now… There are some swag combos that are really not worth the effort though…

already got through the > link in the other thread, it works on all chars except:


It has something to do with the animation of how these characters get hit by medium-strength mid attacks that makes this happen.

If capcom just adjusts frames on deejay like kingblacktoof did, then this list will stay the same.

Thanks, BTW can you clarify if you got far MP or close MP? It makes for a 20 damage difference. How do you like the new CH combo?

those are all for far mp. Set the dummy to do the link and then just ran it through the entire roster and those were the results I got.


I’m going through all of them again with the jump mk added, it adds another bit of complexity to things. Although the list i made is correct, on top of that, some chars like you said, will be comboed with close mp on deep jumpins (but far jumpins still will have far mp come out). Here’s what I have so far:

A = close mk > far mp works
B = jump mk > close mk > far mp works
C = jump mk > close mk > close mp works

Ryu = <none>
Ken = <none>
Honda = C
Ibuki = ABC
Makoto = AB
Dudley = AB
Seth = ABC (tight spacing on this one)
Gouken = AB
Akuma = <none>
Gen (mantis) = AB
Gen (crane) = AB
Dan = <none>
Sakura = AB (NOTE: jump mk > close mk > close mp will WHIFF. Why? Because Sakura is dumb, that’s why.)
Oni = <none>
Yun = <none>
Juri = AB
Chun = AB
Sim = AB
Abel = AB
Viper = AB
Bison = ABC (tight spacing on this one)
Sagat = AB
Cammy = AB
DeeJay = ABC
Cody = AB
Guy = <none>
Hakan = AB
Yang = <none>
ERyu = <none>
Guile = AB
Blanka = <none>
Gief = A (wtf? Jump ins only are working with him crouching? gotta inspect this one some more.)
Rufus = AB
Fuerte = C
Vega = <none> (if vega doesn’t press a direction whiffs completely…this game is buggy man lmao)
Rog = ABC
Fei = AB (NOTE: jump mk > close mk > close mp will WHIFF. Why? Because Fei is dumb, that’s why.)
Hawk = A (wtf? Jump ins only are working with him crouching? gotta inspect this one some more.)
Adon = AB
Rose = AB

So basically you can do it for free on:

Requires a bit of spacing on:

Is really hard to do on:

Only Close mp works on:

And doesn’t work on:
Gief (standing)
Hawk (standing)

I’m going to explore the CH combo later. The viable strategies behind it are: IIIp3III’s "FADC reset: High 5"
The air to air knee hop -> cross under (if a CH is given) or the “slim fade”, which is the fake cross under :-P. Oh and maybe after ultra 2, I like to go for meaty st mp, sometimes i get a counter hit.

st.HK xx RFA


Sorry, these combos are limited to less meter as possible.

its a joke. and you took most of the meterless ones.
wish my PC was a bit better.
might be char specific, or not even new,

but corner dj.HK, cl.MK, cr.MP xx EX AS,, HK sobat.

That’s an old combo brah

i figured, may be just be more consistent now, but shame that to EX AS doesnt seem to work as well as it should. maybe its a mod thing.

most the new range on adds is the ability to add an extra cr.lp confirm, and have the not whiff.

Someone is working on a mod for sf4 and I asked him about some glitches awhile back and forgot to post his reply, my baaaaaad :-(.

vids I showed him:

Ryu dash through glitch

El fuckface fuerte overhead glitch
Combofein pls

His response:

[details=Spoiler]I’m honestly not sure how to fix the first one. The 2nd one I think might be possible to fix simply by adjusting Elf Fuerte’s pushbox as it’s an issue also with Ibuki IIRC.

The cause of all of these (I believe) can be attributed to two factors:

  1. All hurt and hit boxes in SF4 are actually attached to specific points on the characters model and then moved. Even very displaced hitboxes/hurtboxes are like this. Even C.Vipers seismo is actually positioned based off of a specific body part (It’s attached to her front leg) so if you had her do a different animation for Seismo, even if the rest of the data was the EXACT same the location for the hitbox would be different than her actual Seismo. This also applies to fireballs which are released from specific parts of the body (and why some characters have higher off the ground fireballs than others like Gouken/Seth)

  2. Almost none of the “reeling” or “guarding” animations in SF4 have designated hurtboxes. This means that instead of having two or three big squares for a character that were designed specifically by the developer to exist at that location for that duration, the game generates hurtboxes automatically based on the character model itself. That is why you can’t hit Chun Li’s front leg for your FIRST hit but if you are doing a combo you can hit her front leg after hitting her one time.

These two things combine to add a high level of inconsistency to the game as it means that often times you are at the mercy of a characters animation itself rather than any sort of game balance. Sakura/Gen’s crouching reeling animations are great example of this.

Now I COULD fix these, and as a matter of fact very very early in development I had considered and tried to do so. The reason however that I wont is not because I don’t want to, but rather that I don’t feel I can do it accurately with the tools available to me. I have no way to actually view hurtboxes or hitboxes in-game as no one has figured out a way to do it. So my entire modding process is trial and error for adjusting hurtboxes or hitboxes. I only have the numbers for their size, and relative position from the body part they are attached to. E.G. “0.1 wide” “0.15 tall” “X position 0.95” “Y Position 0.4” and then two hex values “Unk01” and “Unk02” which tell you what body parts it is aligned with.

So in addition to being difficult, and inconsistent, fixing these issues could ALSO open up a ton of new previously impossible combos on these characters and new issues from that as well.

If I had a way to view hurtboxes I’d certainly fix the issue as best as I can. As it stands I’ll try to adjust specific instances of issues for specific moves such as El Fuerte’s F+MK if I am able. [/details]

Edit n’ stuff

Just to add one since I have a pretty easy wall combo I found that does a bit more than these and nets soft knockdown for an extra bar.

j.fierce, cr.strong xx EX Slasher, cr.jab xx EX MGU (mash), Jackknife Maximum (HK ver) = 421

What’s nice about this combo is it leaves you right in their face with a couple options.

  1. stay in face with cr.jabs or throw
  2. immediately do a LK Jackknife to cross up your opponent when they ukemi
  3. immediately instant jump back knee shot then use buffered charge to shoot an air slasher for pressure. Should be able to get a far st. hp counter hit or far st. MK if you want an easier counter hit setup.

Some of your combos suggest I may be able to switch the cr.strong with a cr.fierce or the cr. jab with a st.strong, but if you’re looking for an easier wall combo, I’d stick with what I put above.

Old combo sir

I’ve been spreading this one everywhere to see if anybody can optimize it, but thanks to the MK sobat buff Dee Jay can do a decent corner carry combo.

j.HK, cr.HP xx MK Sobat xx Focus lvl2 xx dash, cr.HP xx MK upkicks, MK/HK upkicks.

It’s 651 stun. Can’t remember the damage but I think it was over 400. It’s easy to do. You just have to give a little pause after the dash due to the upkicks sometimes whiffing if the cr.HP is done too early. Once you see how much of delay you need to give the cr.HP it’s really easy and carries your opponent straight to the corner.

Vs standing chars you can do jump in MK st MK cr lp st mp hk sobats for 7 more dmg than st mk cr lk cr mp

Also this leads into ex air slasher to u1 one some characters, Balrog, Dudley, Vega, El Fuerte, Juri, Dhalsim and Sagat so far, I’ll do the rest later

I keep getting Super when I try this… IS there something I should be doing to trigger ultra 1 rather than super?

Anyone messing around with anti-air st. fierce? It floats the opponent, you can follow up with stuff. I think EX Sobats should land right?

You can follow up with anything xx Mk. Sobat xx lvl2 RFA dash u1 = 435

I believe if you use a lvl 2 ExFA, its about 30 dmg less.
need to spend some more time exploring options around this.