Max flaming k groove

is it anywhere? yes i used search function first still havn’t found it

I, too have searched for this. I requested it a long time ago. And no luck yet. Someone get ahold of this!!

it does not exist…no one made one… thats why you cant find it…

Seeing that no one ever did this… what are the steps required to do one? I’ll do it myself. I’ll appreciate any help about how to do the missing bars (Full P-Groove, Max S-Groove, Raged K-Groove).

Thanks in advance!

I can do them but the K full bar probly wont look exactly the same

basically you have to capture frame by frame each animation and cut it out piece by piece, clean and animate…

Got it, gonna start working on it ASAP. Any recommendations about how to do them? I want them to be in the same format/size as that stickied ones. Thanks!

I don’t think the stickied ones are the correct resolution for the CvS2 super bars. Anyway CvS2’s native resolution should be 640x480, Naomi doesn’t have the freaky CPS2 or CPS3 resolutions.