well since it is a graphic novel i guess it belongs here.
has any one ever read the book MAUS? its about the holocaust but drawn in a world with jews as mice. and germans as cats. i only read book one this weekend i cant find part two it seems rare any thoughts on this book?

I’ve been looking all over hell and back for Maus, but to no avail. I’d love to read it. Seems like half the good shit out there is out of print these days.

its a really good good that makes you think if you anyone goes to evo i could let them borrow it lol ebay has it cheap as well

this is the one I have:

Has both volumes included. Really good - easily recommend it to everyone.

Derek Daniels

Course this thread belongs here, buddy!

Maus isn’t out of print. It should never be out of print… NEVER!!! Amazon has it in stock. I still see it at stores like Borders and Barnes & Noble, too. Not to mention any self-respecting comics shop.

It’s pretty much one of the best and most important comics ever, something that truly belongs in the canon of the medium.

I’ve never seen it anywhere, and I was looking for it last weekend at my local comics shop. I was told that it isn’t currently in print. Amazon has it, though it only has used copies of the complete edition and volume one.

Nevertheless, I hope you’re right, because I am anxious to get my hands on this book. If Will Eisner liked it…

Maus is one of the top 50 greatest GNs ever printed.

I haven’t read it since High School, but I’d love to re-read it…good stuff.

and it is in print, my local Waldenbooks has a copy of it.

This book is fantastic,

While where on the subject of Quasi-bio graphic novels. Any Jo Sacco or Craig Tompson fans?

Hmm, maybe it depends on where you live, then. I imagined that NY and Michigan would have a plethora of retailers carrying Maus. Those places aren’t middle-of-nowhere hellholes like Canada. (I kid.)

I checked Amazon again.

It says they are in stock. They also have the one volume hardcover.

I might order that hardcover myself. My paperback copies are pretty beat up.

Yeah, I like that stuff, too. Maybe I’ll start a new thread later for alternative comics.

hmmm are there any other books like these? im not into comics that much since my store stopped carrying spawn and everything else seems boring i appreciate it since i kinda want to get back into this.

I edited the thread title because of course this thread belongs here. :smile:

If you’re public library is at least decent they should have it if you just want to read it.

Adding to the Craig Thompson and Joe Sacco recommendations, read Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis.

Oh, I forgot about this book. Maus is one of my favorites. An interesting note, Spike Jonze (of beastie boys fame) directed a skate video for Girl Skateboards entitled ‘Mouse’, labled as being inspired by Art Spiegelman. It really isn’t anything like the book, as it features a skateboarding mouse having a mostly carefree time
in LA, but still. interesting nonetheless.

Edit: check this out:

My school actually uses this book as a core novel. When I transfered into my class (our school has this whacky class change thing) I just missed reading it. I heard it’s great.

it only takes a couple of hours to reaed 2 the max for me. i get part two of the book tommorow from barns and nobles. cant wait for that shit