i was wondering if anybody had any tips for defeating vega with chun, scince she is the only character in my team that seems to be able to defeat her [ thats what i read in the vega forum ] i was wondering what should i be looking for when striking a vega, i heard that jumpins work very well. im not sure, i think there begining to expect jump in. what ever, i just need some help,

oh and we should use this thread for other match ups.:stuck_out_tongue:


forget it, i found out how, just remeber, kikohken is good, do it, dont forget it, the fierce version is is best scince you can follow up to 3 in a row [i think] do forget to superjump without moving from place and the way down, do a rh and if it hit vega and he didnt block, follow up with a low rh sweep. [ps dont do it near a wall]
last but not least: a standing rh is very powerful scince chun li jumps slightly up when doing it, supprising ly, vega’s really annoying sweep goes under, witch means hit for you stupidity for him, never forget your crossups and some time the df.rh works really well, scince vega like to charge, like a mofo, give him an over head!:smiley: [ head stomp also if you can do small jump]

against vega use her jumping medium kick it flat out beats his ducking fierce and trades with his st roundhouse. also your only hope gainst vega for an anti air is jumping straight up with fierce punch and for god sakes if you have a level 2 kikosho use that shit! the way i cheese vega with chun is 2 things fireball the importal shit out of him and 2 get him involved in that standing roundhouse antiair game. super jump a couple of times with medkick, get him involved. jump back again and this time jump short and you should be able to get a good crossup in. she has to take hits from him just accept it. or thing no2 when you see them going for the air throw move under his jump and try to hit his ass with that infamous c groove combo. and if you think that matchup is bad try fighting the samuri’s with her good luck with hibiki.:lol:

Chun Li cannot beat a good vega player, it is impossible unless they make a mistake.

Well, yeah, she also can’t beat Kyosuke if he doesn’t make ANY mistakes. I don’t play Chun or Vega, but if he makes a mistake and she has meter, he’s getting hurt

You are overexagerrating when I say make any mistakes… Vega EASILY outpokes Chun Li in the ground game, and Chun easily gets beat in the air. S.RH owns chun li for free if she jumps in, so the entire match consists of you taking c.MPs to the grill.