Matchup vs Karin

This thread is for specific details of the Dhalsim vs Karin matchup.

Need a good way to avoid/punish her far-reaching overhead thingy. She always manages to get in with it from almost full-screen when I play this matchup.

Edit: Blocking is probably the best solution, you can grab her out of the low-slide followup during the startup frames. Not sure what her other followup option are, haven’t played Karin.

That’s probably the best option. You can probably b.MK at the end of the string, too. All of Karin’s non-vtrigger rekka strings are super unsafe, and you really shouldn’t be getting hit by them once you know the followups.

Just be careful when throwing out fireballs of any kind in the matchup. She doesn’t care about the arcing ones, and she can fly right over EX Flame and hit you.

Use the magic “Block” button.

Don’t crouch or she’ll overhead the shit outta you with forward medium kick/Rassen Ha.

Also, st.MP clean hits her out of her hop leap thing.

Only on startup or during active, too?

I hit her out of startup, but it might come out fast enough to hit her while it’s active. I’ll test that when I get back home.

You can also use to stop her overhead attack. Go to training room and setup a dummy to that move at different ranges. It’s just like hitting Fei out of chicken wings in SFIV. Try different moves against it as well like st.lp,,, and cr.hp.

I tested st.MP vs. Karin’s overhead leap last night.

As a general rule, you can hit her out of it clean as she’s rising up. Hitting her at the apex of the leap also beats it, but anything after that results in a trade. It’s too late if she’s already coming down, though.

The HP and MP versions of the overhead are easy enough to react to from a safe distance. This, of course, depends on the Karin just throwing the move out there, which doesn’t seem like anything any halfway-decent Karin would ever do.

Yup, tested that last night as well. cr.MP is probably the overall safer option, and definitely so if you’re reacting to the overhead.

b.MP works right as she’s reaching you, but it seems inconsistent.

yeah, i am trying to use and the mu it’s better now.
Still a nightmare to me, like cammy once.

After you block both hits of (hp) Ressenha, you should go for c.lp.

This will beat every followup she has. The hp ressenha is -4, so if she does nothing she gets punished. There’s at least a 4(?) frame gap between Ressenha -> low followup, and the throw followup will whiff because you’re crouching.

From most ranges, you should be able to get c.lp, s.lp xx EX flame. A good 150 damage punish for 1 bar to make her think twice about gimmicks.
If she did the flip, c.lp will whiff and maybe even s.lp will wiff and you can get a better punish with something like xx mp flame or maybe even c.hp, xx mp flame. I need to test to see if the s.lp will actually whiff or autocorrect and hit her.

I need to test if you can combo c.lp xx EX flame from ranges where the double jab combo will not connect.

If you know she likes to go for the low followup, you can get c.lp, xx mp flame as a counterhit combo to save one bar.

If you don’t want to block it,, b.hp, s.lp,, all probably work to an extend. You might even be able to slide under it or teleport behind it on reaction but I haven’t really tested these yet.

Yesterday during casuals I’ve hit a Karin out of it with fierce fireball, it’s basically the same arc (only vs her fierce version of course)

Slidefollow up is like -6 or -7, easy enough for bmk flame to hit.