Matchup Thread -- Vega (Claw)

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Claw frame data:

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Annoying as fuck matchup, but you have some stuff to work with…
St.hp is a good move in this matchup. You can beat his F+HP poke cleanly with it, and when he inevitably mashes cr.lp at about the second time, this move can go over a third low or whatever he does usually (loses to sweep though, be careful). After any non-ex RCF mash for the ex/lp chop hitconfirm (-6 or more on block) You’re anti flying barcelona move is j.hp of course, but be careful with the timing, you might wanna go to training mode and practice because you have to be on point.

It’s a hard matchup because like Cammy/Chun he doesn’t need to respect your footsie game, and also doesn’t need to respect you much when you’re in VT mode. Smart Vegas will move in, slash you up, maybe throw you, and retreat. Meter wise…just sit on it. Unless he’s moving in on you for a throw it’s gonna be hard to nail a - ex chop on a smart Vega. Unfortunately his range on lows is rather long and the startup on your mid pokes aren’t great, so he can also easily stuff anything an antsy Alex player might wanna do.

If you KD him down then you can run your game and hopefully win, but this is a match where you need to make sure you know how to work with Alex’s meaty game. You cannot afford to mistime a meaty and allow Vega to retake the advantage, you will probably lose.
If you haven’t by now, you also need to master AAing with st.lp for the dash in 50/50 afterwards, once you establish you can do that his only avenue is to walk in for the throw, and that’s where the - ex chop confirm helps, or even the x ex chop confirm.

Why does it feel like Vega players just do stuff in this match always jumping or wall diving or some bullshit and it’s like super gold dudes and up. Doesn’t matter how much you anti-air them they’re just always going nuts. This match is starting to feel worse to me than the Alex v. Chun match

You can try using st.lp to stop them doing that shit, or try a late EX Knee if you want to deal some damage. I have trouble dealing with Vega but it’s due to his walkspeed, I cannot contain that character at all and he completely dominates the spacing.

Thats what I’m saying though it doesn’t matter how consistent a am with anti airing Vega they just don’t quit, walkspeed is a problem for me to seems like no matter what they can just hold back on the joystick and be out of range for most things, this match up is beyond infuriating.

Asuming I’m doing the meaty at the right time, after non ex power bomb vega can walk out of standing hk follow up on quick rise. He can also just walk out of mp/hp power bomb set ups. Don’t try any stun gun shenanigans, he can back walk out of them from full screen. cr HP beats flying barcelon sometimes and back jumping it + lp beats it pretty cleanly too.

Kinda reminds me of the nash match up except you can’t actually catch Vega.

Ok I seriously gotta ask. What do you guys do about Vega’s that just hold back on the joystick It’s such a pain in the ass trying to catch this character

Cry, complain that command grabs range is ASS.

Also low forward/crouch short to catch him walking back. That’s all you can do.

Use more to catch him running

I dash forward like a gorilla and mash HK knee hoping to catch a jump/wall jump in the corner. This actually works sometimes.

Played a very good Vega the other day and got absolutely destroyed. For future encounters I will just drop my controller and get it over with. That matchup is so frustrating…