Matchup Thread -- Vega (Claw)

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Claw players think about the Laura matchup : We need to wait for a thread to be created

Claw Frame data (when available) : Here


Play keep away and knock him out of the air when he tries to spam his wall jumps. (I’ve consistently knocked out both versions with If he tries to rush in, usually with a slide; react ex elbow to put him in wake mode and get a stun on him with mix ups. Vega’s seem to love the backdash, so to lp elbow works well.

Any tips vs keep away vega. Fought this vega who reacted to every fireball with sweep. Couldn’t jump in at all. Had to play footies with laura against vega and it was tough. Any help?

Unfortunately that’s all you can do. Fish for a sweep and try to use your QCF+HP to get him out of the air. She can’t punish anything else of his, but his Crystal Role can be returned on block with st.lp (excluding his ex one I believe). Just try to get him on wake up, again ain’t shit else you can do if you don’t.

After looking at the patch notes I think this is going to become a nightmare match at the end of the month with the 2.1 update. Vega is going from safe on almost everything to plus on almost everything. He’s going to be a legit mixup character in addition to a frame trap monster plus all of the tools he already had. Be afraid, be very afraid.

I’m not afraid, I sub him and I’ll just sub him harder lol.
Besides, one of his buffs (the one to FBA) isn’t an issue because Laura deals with it so easily. And he’s still pretty free to jump-ins.

I dont see how. Using or gets me knocked out even from on top or slightly behind his head from his The hitboxes in this game make no sense alot of the time.

You must be doing it from too far away because st. HK definitely can’t do much against close jump-ins or cross-ups (he has to use H ASE for that which is pretty slow).

I haven’t encounter this match-up much won all but still, is there a way to tell when his jump is CA? I feel like I should never get hit by that but sometimes I go for anti-air thinking is a regular jump and it critical arts my face

His CA travels very fast on one side of the screen without making any sound. He shouts when he does a regular FBA.