Matchup thread - ryu

You know what to do!

I’m not exactly high level, but I’ll start with my 2 cents

I feel V-trigger is quite important in this MU since it works so well on reaction to hadokens.

Basically, when I play a Ryu, I try to mix-up how I go around his hado, while trying to build some V regularly

When you have V-trigger he basically doesn’t have a hado anymore, and then the MU is much better.

When playing footsies, Ryu players tend to use a lot of s.MP, c.MP and c.MK. All of those are outranged by LP SPD so I try whiff punish them with it. They can also use other longer pokes, like s.MK, but they don’t get that much out of it usually. When playing at that range, I usually try to counter poke with headbutt

On wake-up, if he doesn’t have CA, the risk-reward for SRK is in our favour, so I usually meaty. If he is SRK-happy, then you can punish him heavily with s.HP CC headbutt xx CA or s.HP CC MK RBG if I need the corner carry

Ok this matchup is easy to cover so i will start here.

Goals: Get him to the corner, get Vtrigger.
Ryus Strengths: Great damage, Good fireball pressure. Good Buttons, ok mobility.
Giefs Strenghts: Good buttons, great damage, better range than ryu.

This matchup is simple as we have played it for 25 years. You want to get him to the corner as he has no real way out and you want vtrigger so loses his best tool the fireball. To get him to the corner you need to know what buttons you have that beat his. I wont go over every one as all you need are the buttons that beat his.

Ryus Buttons
St MK:good range but not special cancelable and 16 frames of recovery. so Cr Jab or you can parry and free spd
St HK, St HP, cr HK: good range and his fishing for crush counter buttons they all have over 18 frames of recovery so parry spd or wiff jab spd punish
St Mp, cr MP: these are both special cancelable so parry is a bad option, cr jab from distance will beat it but it is risky as both are 5 frames. these are the ones you need to respect. Good news is the distance is not great so wiff punish spd is an option for misplaced ones.
Cr MK: good range but your fMK beats it from range. Up close he will cancel into fireball so hold the parry for the second hit and free SPD.
St LK is -2 on block dont let him abuse this.
Fireball is at best -10 punish his ass.
FHP is -2
MP HP is -16! if he does the follow up HK he is still at -7…fuck him up!

on wakeup alternate between cr MP and blocking. I see people afraid of uppercut so they respect it too much. mp uppercut(most invincibility) is 120 damage. on a blocked one you always get 300+ dont be scared of this, play your game.

on neutral parry one fireball and then N Jump, f jump ect the second. you want to parry fireballs to get vmeter but you dont want half a life bar of white life where one jab is a 50% combo.

While ryus fireball game is good you have fantastic ways around it, he is always -7 or worse on blocked ones plus it has 34 frames of recovery! The one exception is EX that is -1. once you get vtrigger he eats half lifebar for every mistake.

I know RYU can be scary but play Ryu against a good gief and you will see Ryu is just as scared of Gief.

i always throw a c.lp when i block a b.HK because 8/10 they follow up with a

also when you caught a f.HP with a vskill JUST BLOCK do not do an SPD most of the time a shoryuken is sure to follow

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Any Zangief players from Europe wanna let me practice this match-up? I play Ryu. Send me a PM.