Matchup Thread -- Rashid

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Guess ill get this started.

Rashids mixer,f+mp, and hk are all -2 so its you turn after any of these. Dont let him get away with trying to pressure you after. Lp or cr.lp him every time.The only time you have to worry is when he has meter for ex mixer.its his only reversal.

For pokes, alex out ranges almost all of rashids normals. Be carefull of wiffs though because rashid hp is good at catching retracting hit boxes.

On wake up he has to just block unless he has meter.

You can EX stomp through his V-Trigger. You can aim it to actually hit rashid, but be careful your back won’t be too close to the tornado or you will get hit after. Alternatively, you can just hold forward so you jump full screen and avoid it completely.

Had a hard time against Rashid until I started to remember that that his only invincible reversal is ex.Spin Mixer. I need to stop being lazy and figure out are the best punishes. Once Rashids on me, I don’t feel overwhelmed, I’m just not sure what to do.

Remember to v reversal through his f+mp (that annoying double hit with his fists spinning back to back), (that annoying hop kick), and his cr.hp (that annoying double hit where he whirls his hands like a fruit). It ruins his up close momentum and gives you enough leverage to ruin his day really quickly. If you don’t v reversal his mixer it’s -2, but they gimmicky little shit like to EX mixer afterwards, so be careful. If he’s neutral jumping into his annoying kick all the time get ready to EX Knee, alternatively I think cr.hp might hit it clean, need to check in training mode.

Don’t try to fight in mid range. His mobility is much better than yours, and your slow ass moves don’t help. st.HK and cr.hp rape your mid-range hard, I have my most success when I’m swatting him out of the air. When you’re in the corner it’s basically v reversal or hard read j.hp punish a throw/tick throw. Alex has a big hitbox so rashid can run his bullshit mixup game on you really easily.

If he starts canceling his blockstring into slow fireball
What you guys do?
Ex elbow is an option
Is there anything else?


Fireball go up always hit me
I’ll test it later

Theres a 5 frame gap if he uses hk shot after cr.hp or f+mp. 3 for ex. Jab him if in range. If not you should be able to jump forward.

Welp, since I main both Rashid and Alex I’ll toss in my 2 cent lol. honestly imo the MU feels even. Alex can fight the mid-range better than Rashid, St.MK, Cr.MK & MP will keep him from dashing in a lot. If you sense he will use running Eagle Strike, I believe St.HP cancel to chop or Elbow is a good punish. Raw ES? Just quickly dash over and Power bomb or again try St.HP/chop.

For lp.mixer (non-mash) block strings I would use St.Lp to keep him in check or V-reversal if you don’t want to play the 50/50 ex.mixer/throw gimmick. If you ever see any Rashid use HK.WWS ender in a block string and you are close to him I would immediately use Cr.MK or sweep to interrupt it. It is not a true or safe string yet people allow him to do it. Only Cr.HP cancel to Ex.WWS is a real threat, to which I strongly recommend to V-reversal.

Although Rashid has a 3-frame normal (St.LK) I would try to pressure him when he doesn’t have Ex bar. If he does, try to bait out ex.mixer or get him to waste his V-meter so he doesn’t have Ysaar (big tornado) to fall back on. If he jumps, use St.LP, Jump back lp (for cross-up attempts), and ex. knee grab if you see it coming.

This MU requires patience from both players lol. But if you show it more than the Rashid player 8/10 he will hang himself.

I have a lot of hard time in this MU. I just suck at Anti Airing as Alex so I end up letting Rashid jump at me all day. Are you guys using st LP to AA?

Yeah, lp AA into mixup.

No one talks about Rashid much, since no one really plays him. But this character gives me so much trouble, everything he does feels super safe (aside from specials). Which makes him hard for me to punish. And his corner cross up is very good and hard to deal with. I don’t know, I have trouble getting my offense started against him because whatever I do tends to get stuffed. I read the suggestions in this thread and while they seem a bit helpful, it really doesn’t help me connect the dots with Rashid.

Might need to play the MU consistently to figure things out. It’s tough to do so when Rashids are kind of missing online.

Hit me up, I am Rashid main and I myself have trouble with the Alex matchup. Rush_Dizzle is my online fighter ID. And, if any of you have any advice for me against Alex let me know. I am finding trouble punishing him.

second straight week i get bodied by rashid smh

Ok I know Rashid is -2 after jab mixer, why is it that I can only SOMETIMES I counterhit him if I press jab and other times I get counterhit? Is it that I’m timing it wrong those times when I get counterhit or is there a way for him to space it so that it’s better on block. I gotta know.

I actually like this fight but that’s something I’ve never been able to figure out.