Matchup thread - r. mika

Be the teacher!

what do you guys do to escape getting raped in the corner

Mika just has to land one move and the match could be over for us. That’s why I think she wins the mu pretty easily if the Mika player doesn’t played scared. We can play perfect footsies for 99% of the match and one irish whip and we’re dead. Personally, I hate this mu so much.

This matchup is not bad at all. If she gets you in the corner for a mixup you have two choices. Block then vreversal because she is plus after all her up close normals. Or exspd to beat her throw. You have to guess, but in the neutral you win.

And by the way S hk beats her standing hk don’t let her get away with that shit.

If she charges up, armor and hp spd that shit. Make her pay for trying to throw it out.

This is one of Gief’s best match-ups (although that doesn’t mean that he wins it).
It’s basically a coin flip. Gief cannot deal with R.Mika in the corner so if you get caught by the Irish whip you’ll be in a world of hurt. On the bright side you beat her in the neutral game and that is where you should keep it at all times. Don’t even try to corner her yourself. Just play solid, grounded footsies and the occasional SPD/Iron Muscle into SPD.

a mika and a ken player tried to go to the corner tried to bait me to come at them so they could cross me up or throw me towards the wall///DO NO NOT FALL FOR THAT TRICK they will rape you

Tonight I tried to just do normals and play keep away game, it works pretty good against a super gold Mika. Did not do spd cuz I think the penalty for a whiffed spd is too big. If she is close I just V-reversal. Basically keep her in mid range. I avoided headbutt in neutral because I found it got Irish whipped easily.

You should always v-skill and hp.spd her drop kick, if you blocked her drop kick, back dash like a Nash. If she calls Nadeshiko, you should try your best to do a V-reversal, it nullifies her vortex.

Mika’s corner pressure is godly, but Gief’s corner pressure is nightmare too.
This match is just rely on who able to corner opponent firstly

when mika activates vtrigger notice if she raises both hands, if thats the case ex spd or super (of course if you are in grab range)

One thing I did learn in this matchup is to check if mika knows how to punish your st.hp. If not…


Seriously though, lol if you can space it out its hard for mika to punish without resorting to her slide. Even if she uses the clap it doesn’t fully connect of the tip. Here are some examples from some of my gameplay: