Matchup Thread -- Necalli

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Necalli frame data:

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he’s kinda like you, but better. instead of pokes his midgame consists of throwing out CC hitboxes that will massacre you, and blah blah you already know the score

however, there are some general tips for the matchup. your is about the same range as his “footsies” aka CC normal mashing, meaning you can straight up him out of it most of the time. his lows are a bit short, so besides sweep you can wall him out convincingly. be sure to to be in the correct range for ALL your pokes, one poke at a bad time means a free necalli CC

while you can beat him in neutral, the reward isn’t stellar, but you can keep him out and push him into the corner. on the flipside, he does have 3f normals and a DP, so he can and will mash shit to try to reverse the situation. if he gets the advantage good luck. remember he wants to tick into his command grab or dash into his command grab, so don’t overly rely on v reversal here, make a hard read and hopefully land a j.hp punish into whatever

necalli’s sweep is funky, do not counter sweep! he can block it and end you quickly, use st.hp instead! or if you want to be safe

God I fucking hate going against this character. Other than DP or sweep is anything he do not safe?

Watch out for dash in

Yeah I’ll go ahead and just say fuck Necalli. Might as well just let go of my stick if I match up with one

Ok so his standing HK convincingly beats out cr. mp. Do not use it, or you will get crush countered to death. If you’re trying to poke I think you have to realy on crouching mk/mk and s. MP with chops buffered.