Matchup Thread -- Necalli

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Necalli players think about the Laura matchup : We need to wait for a thread to be created

Necalli Frame data (when available) : Here


Anybody have any advice on this? I can’t punish anything, can’t throw claps, his dive kick messes up my AA timing, and once he has very trigger it’s all over. What am I missing?

You know his combo ? When he stomp you can jab it out on block because it is LK -4 MK -2 HK 0 EX -2 but the HK is a knock down.
Then his unique attacks are are all unsage except the dive kick that you need to AA with a simple 5MP or back dash to get out of range.
You should not use Clap from far away, he will just go trough it but you can use it sparsely at close/mid range to catch his move and then rush it :slight_smile:

I’m convinced the hitbox data is wrong for necalli’s jab, that thing stopped my cross up 5 times out of 5 and I gave up trying.

It’s bs. You literally can’t jump at necalli ever. Amazing dp and if they’re a little lazy, don’t worry 3 frame jab to the rescue. This is still the match up I lose to more than any other, even more than chun. The only thing you can reliably punish is disc’s guidance and they aren’t going to throw that out unless it was confirmed. Don’t ever think about throwing a clap out anywhere on the screen, don’t jump, and don’t press buttons unless you got in, but when you finally do, odds are you’ll get dped…
I hate to sound so negative, but I’m really failing at this matchup. So frustrating.

IMO a relatively even matchup if not a very very close 6-4 in Necali’s favor. Only reason being is that he shuts down her Clap pressure/mixup pretty easy using his V-skill/Berserker barrage. Also his cHP crush counter usually trades/beats out Laura’s normals. That being said it is slow as shit and has a bunch of recovery you can bolt into. If you can properly bait out his DP you’re going to do some good damage. In addition his limbs are just as shitty and stubby as Laura’s. I usually throw out a lot of EX Bolts to catch him off guard when he’s charging for the beserker barrage or using a v-skill.

Also his Mask of Tlalli (command throw) is nearly DOUBLE Laura’s command grab range, however it comes out 2 frames slower than Laura’s command throw (8 frame startup). You can jab out or even sMP/cMP him out of this startup or even throw your own command throw out first if you see it coming. This is one of those matchups that you can play a bit crazier just keeping an eye out for his DP.

@Tiers4Fears One trick is I wait for him to jump back or back dash, then throw out EX clap. Out of habit he’ll go into V Skill, so I’ll immediately dash forward and overhead him, sometimes even for a counter hit and a juggle. It’s good free damage, allows you to close the gap and to get a clap out, and trains him to use less V skill.

Other than that I agree with @NaokiB4U 's advice. You just gotta keep him out then abuse pressure. He’s defense is pretty shitty aside from DP, his non-jab normals aren’t that great. His offense isn’t that great either if he doesn’t have super. I also abuse a lot of V-Reversals when he hits me with any heavies to get back on offense.

The one thing that annoys me about Necallis is they hardly ever pop V-Trigger outside of combos. V-Trigger’d Necalli is effing terrifying, but I hardly ever face one because they’re always saving their V meter.

Necalli is slowly developing into my new nightmare but that’s probably because Necalli players have figured out that he is the biggest piece of BS the game has to offer at the moment. Honestly, I’d rather navigate through a Sonic Boom obstacle course or face the strongest woman in the world than play another match against this ‘I have everything and then some’ character. It’s the worst kind of ‘wait for them to make a mistake’ matchup you can have as Laura in this game.

I honestly just cant stand that matchup. Ranks right there with Zangief and Chun. He destroys anyone that has no good wake up or defensive options. But unfortunately you have to just hope they make a blatant mistake and capitalize on it as much as you can. I’m still trying to figure out what was the point of giving him a command grab.

This matchup is pure salt to me. It doesn’t help that I’ve mostly faced the best Necalli players in Europe like Phenom and Shady.

My biggest problem is lack of patience and that I try to bait too much. After every knockdown I tend to second guess myself : “Will they burn the meter now for an ex.dp, or will they just wake up with a st.lp once again”. The lack of defensive options and a slow vreversal does not make things any easier. I tend to burn my v-trigger cauge whenever I see them use a heavy stomp just to reset the situation.

I use buffers in neutral but I feel like something catches me eventually (buffered or st.hp) and then I’m in the corner getting devoured. It’s not a lack of MU experience either, I play against the same Necalli players week in and week out. For some reason I’m absolute garbage against this troll.