Matchup thread - nash

Smash the Nash!

whats the most effective way to close the distance with this asshole

Maybe the question is, should you go to him or wait for him to come to you? I don’t know the answer.

it depends if you have the lead then sure let him come to you but lets be honest most of the time he’s going to have the lead since he is a zoner so youd really need to get in there

You go after Nash. Headbutt and V Skill vs projectiles are very important in this match; Headbutt allows you to nullify and move forward, without committing to neutral jumps or storing a ton of white life while V Skill gives you some benefit from his projectiles. Fishing for V Skill vs his heavier normals and MK Scythe is also very important, just put it out there at those ranges and force Nash to second guess his actions. You can reaction Flex and punish Moonsault, so don’t let him get away with it. V-Trigger pretty much forces him into pokes at mid-range once you have it stocked.

When he has v-trigger, be wary of grabs and try to force it out with lp and lk ticks; st.lp will beat his follow-ups cleanly. Just slowly work your way to mid-range, go nuts on his wake-up, don’t kill yourself trying to get in.

Lariat blows up moonsault. Even if you do it late you’ll likely trade as long as he isn’t landing on Gief’s head. Should be able to do this on reaction/prediction similar to Chun IALL. St.jab also destroys it as well. If you block it though, he’s plus so you need to block out his follow up normals.

If you don’t go to him you lose.

Either way this is a 7-3 match-up for Nash so it’s not like going to him is easy but still. If you just sit there he’ll pick you apart. From my experience I try to be at about HK/HP range and try to crush counter him.

Another unwinnable matchup for zangief.
Cant be done. Sorry.

I would have said 10-0 for Nash is a joke but now I think it’s fare to say 10-0 is legit. Why should a Nash ever lose to Zangief unless they are noob or make mistakes?

i just noticed something evrytime a nash teleports and i do a lariat they always eat it

one messed up thing about nash is the HK/ex moon slash why cant i crush counter that move

Today I learned that Nash’s air throw cleanly beats Gief’s, even the EX one.

Good stuff, good stuff.

Yesterday I played about 100 lobby games against Ultra Gold and platinum Nash. While being bodied badly, I was lucky that they didn’t just kick me out. Here is what I learned.

If you have significant life lead you can just play lame.
They have a non-throwable normal so wake up CA is a risk, maybe wake up flex-ca instead.
Knowing how to punish their V-skill is crucial. If they teleport to your back you can walk back spd, if they teleport above you you just AA. The key is if you don’t have confidence to do perfect framed meaty, better just stand there do nothing and wait their V-skill. cr.lp meaty should work too.
Whenever he doesn’t have meter such as the beginning of the match you should jump in, it’s the best opportunity to get in fast with minor risk. You can do ground approach but in my opinion it’s even more risky. One sonic scythe you have to do it over.
I find that you can V-trigger in between his frametrap. V-trigger pulls your hit box back a bit so his second can’t hit you. You can only do this when you don’t have V-trigger activated. I actually never used this tech yesterday because they didn’t use this frame trap, they did which beats V-trigger. But I’ve seen a lot of lower rank Nash do so this tech might be useful against them.

You can’t react to some of his move, online or offline. You have to do some random moves to stop him. Offline Even Daigo needs to do some random DPs and sweeps in this MU. If Nash likes to abuse their mobility, do some random sweeps. That’s probably the most important part of this MU. A lot of time I lost because I miss understood being patient. Being patient is not walking forward while block all his attacks, remember, even Daigo can’t do it. You have to do random things to shut him down, even if it’s a gamble.

Main issue in the match is his mobility paired with sonic boom as a shield. Negate the sonic boom whenever possible, force him into a mid-range footsie battle and the match is much easier. Make him pay for reckless MK Scythe by fishing with single tap Iron Body when you think it’s coming, punish with EX SPD if possible for maximum effect.

Against his V-Trigger, if you st.lp near max range on reaction you should beat all of his options.

Avoiding getting just inside Nash’s forward dash range is the only advice I can give on this horrible matchup. Unless you’re completely asleep at the wheel, I don’t see how Nash is losing this personally.

So is new nash still a shitty MU or what
still feels like an uphill battle

Still horrible imo. Feels exactly the same to me but I’ve only played a couple in season 2 so far. Still felt like a 7-3 mu lol.

It feels even to me. I wrote “maybe slight advantage Nash” but ended up deleting that. You have to play patient, sure, but that’s Gief. wrecks Nash. They added extended hurtboxes to his boom animation and you can stuff his boom startup with or You still have to deal with his derpy stuff like mk scythe, but getting hit with that is less punishing now. He can’t escape once you get close thanks to the nerfs on his v reversal and v trigger. Without a 3frame move or reversal, he is free in the corner, and it is far easier to get him there now.