Matchup Thread -- Nash

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My worst match up someone can give some advice
They hard fireball, follow and a got eat a mixup after that they retreat
His anti air game is amazing so jump is risk
Ex elbows help but dont have that all the time
Should I build meter slashing his fireballs and neutral jump hard kick and slowly approach?

I like light elbow alot in this one, but we know alex has problems with pressure which is one of nash’s main strengths.

You can eat fireballs with ex elbow/flash chop, go around with headbutt/stomp. If you’re in neutral your range is bigger than his. Knocking him down will give u big meaty since his wakeup sucks.

VT mode completely flips this matchup on it’s head. You can parry fireballs for free to refill your meter, and can parry any command pokes for a free punish. The difficulty of this matchup lays in teaching him to respect you before you reach this, or scoring a KD on him.

btw, most nash’s use their get out of shit free card AKA trigger when they have it on KD, so just hit cr.hp when he’s dumb and trying to hit you. his only reversal is also super, so he has at least two instances of escaping shit for free. you can parry his super on wakeup btw, another reason getting to VT mode is needed.

Sadly, his sweep + command pokes spaced properly against you are…unpunishable. Yes, max range nash sweep can’t be punished with your own sweep. If this is wrong, please tell me, because this is very important. BUT in VT mode you can cancel sweep into parry/clothesline, so just another reason why you need it ASAP

Oh and heavy punch beats his command pokes.

So how do I deal with Nash just laming me out? If he get’s a life lead he can pretty trivially make the match drag on until the TO gives him the win. “Don’t lose the life lead” is a good place to start but that’s basically the same as “don’t lose”. He is more dangerous than me from a distance and he is at least as dangerous as me up close, I don’t know how to approach this match up at all unless the Nash basically gives me the win by trying to engage me directly.

This is a patience match
Best way to catch him is anti air him and put him on a 50/50
Push him to the corner slowly, dont jump
Build meter for ex elbow
That’s it, he doesn’t have a lot of health so everything you hit will be worthy

I have a really hard time anti airing Nash. Does st.lp just need to be timed different or should I be using cr.Hp / f.Hp?

If he does the jumping flash kick st.lp
Neutral jump st.lp
If jumps far from st.lp do the cr.hp
F.hp it’s kind hard to use

My “general” notes from this matchup
[] walk forward, and block. don’t play into his fb/anti air game
] If you get a knockdown do your best to net damage from the oki, you can only do so much in neutral
[] punishing his v trigger is a must (use ex:knee or cr:hp to stop air teleports)
] use cr:mp\mk carefully, have a plan after throwing these out. I got too comfortable with them, and started eating CC’s and jump ins because of how laggy they are
[] I use v:reversal over v:trigger simply to get more knockdowns
] and lastly screw this match…

If you have V-Trigger ready, when Nash jumps to do the moonsault you can activate and start the Sledgehammer to auto parry and punish. Feels so good.

I feel you so much. Even when chasing him throughout the match, I feel all he needs to do to snatch back any lost momentum is his literally unreactable dash into throw, or dash into jab when he notices you’re trying to react to it (I simply cannot stuff his dash in the same way as Bison’s, it’s too fast). So I’m constantly having to fill the space in front of me with jabs and’s to try and stuff any dash attempts, while also being aware of jumps, moonsaults and v-triggers and trying to walk him into the corner.

Very annoying character to be sure.

I’d like to openly thank RZR Infiltration for pioneering Keep Away Nash, I really enjoy chasing Frankenstein Air Force Man every time I play against one.

So how do you guys normally handle his moonsault when vt is not available?

anti-air with jab or cr.fierce

yea this matchup is horrible… they get a attack and runaway and you have to eat damage everytime smh…

birdie nash ryu sim chun li fang m bison
vega zangief guile

these are characters mos definitely imo u got to get in on before they keep u out

with nash u got to punish alot his best pokes if he whiffs them get in on him from the gate and stay on that ass
u can meaty him because he no good reversals that would be cause for concern

i find that ex.knee is great against fireball characters. gets you in or a knockdown, but it’s normally results in an auto dp/reversal, so i try to only go for it, when i know it’ll land. I don’t believe in paying meter for a mix up.