Matchup Thread -- Nash

Everything you got in here, so we can finish this quickly !

Wanting to see what Nash players think about the Laura matchup : [Laura matchup thread](LAURA Matchup Thread

Nash Frame data (when available) : Here


Nice :smiley: Need that on every matchup thread :wink:

Is there anyway to stuff Nash’s V-Trigger?
Everytime I try to do a meaty setup he V-Triggers into the air and punishes me bad.
I’m getting hit by it 98% of the time. Not knowing where to block even without a meaty.

His jumping medium kick always seems to beat st mp. Am I just late?

Probably a bad range to use it, at the very worst it should trade. If he’s more above you than in front of you go for hp bolt.

The main thing that I’ve noticed is people let Nash get away with too many moonsaults for free. It has no invul, you can check it with pretty late and cancel to avante for a cross under mixup.

And per vryu’s latest video, punish his f.HP in footsies with LP bolt. You can also command dash under the moonsault and get a full punish but I personally haven’t been able to do that in a match yet, my reactions are ass.

Okay so Nash can just rush down laura for free due to no invincibility and only reveral being armored on frame 3 as well as zone better than anyone else? Did I get it right?

He does not have a 3f normal or a true reversal besides vtrigger/vreversal so once you get a knockdown get in that ass! Not an easy matchup by any means but definitely need to take advantage of his few weaknesses.

Yes, up close his startups are too long and can get stuffed by your 5MK even. If your Nash is very Sonic Boom happy, try to get in a range where blocking the sonic boom will make it so that throwing out a 5HK will knock him out of any move that he tries to use to go forward, like 6HP, and you’ll get a CC combo. Otherwise, you can use 5MK/LP bolt to stop the next sonic boom if you expect that, and then you’re at close range and your jabs will always stuff his.

Also interesting bit of tech: on LP bolt hit, 4f jab characters can’t knock you out of the followup throw, only tech or jump, so you can either go for jab/Sunset Wheel (risky!) if you expect the tech, or 5MP/HP bolt if you expect the jump. You can actually whiff the throw against their neutral jump and still 5MP/HP bolt charge them in time. Since you’re likely going to hit a lot of LP bolts, this will end up being useful.

Note that most Nash players will use the horizontal VT to escape corners and similar, so as soon as you see the VT go up, assume he’s going to crossup hit you unless they prove to you that they will do otherwise. Same as assuming if they have meter, they’ll EX Sonic Scythe out of your meaty attempts unless they prove that they won’t.

For all this time I thought lk moonsault was +2 on block…it’s +1, so we can definitely challenge him with a st lp and trade at worst