Matchup thread - m. bison

Yes, yes!

A lot of lower rank Bison don’t know how to play neutral game due to their slow walk speed. They will just use raw head press to close the distance. You will definitely block the slow head stomp then they will probably try skull drive, land right next you and start their frame trap game. They may also gonna try devil reverse to close the distance.

s.HP will crush counter skull drive/devil reverse. You can also flex hit and combo with V-trigger or CA.

Crouching HP will also beat stomp and devil’s reverse clean. Lot’s of blocking in this matchup for me lol.

lariat is the most reliable anti air against dictator unless theyre gonna do a crossup

Although im still not familiar with this matchup, i use to dread it all the time. Bison players just want you to push buttons so they can crush counter you to big combo. You have to play to his weakness which is slow walk speed & terrible wake up game. Most of his moves cant be punish w/ spd except for his HP. So i just do mostly jabs, crouching lk, headbutt & splash cross ups. I try to only do spd if i get the right read or im behind on the match. Its better to play it safe & just do continues pressure on his wake up. Watch out for his super on wakeup.

Block him out. Do not press buttons when it isn’t your turn. If he is doing St.HK and medium punches it isn’t your turn! He is plus 3 on block with his St.HK meaning if you try to jab, you’re going to eat a combo.

S.lp works against Devil’s Reverse as well. You can’t punish LK Scissors Kick with SPD unless you flex so don’t try it, the best you can do is c.lp the recovery. Respect his frame traps and don’t try to mash out.

block a d/f.HP = free spd

What can i do to counter Bison air specials ? i alwasy to use air headbutt like in sf4 lol

I think adding links to each character’s frame data page should be a staple for every character discussion thread.


If you have a good whiff punishing, try to land as many cr. hk as possible, fishing for the crush counter knockdown. If not, you want to knock him down flat on his face asap, and crush counter punish with more that your st.hp/ Let us not forget that Bison is as free as his Bison dollars when hes kissing gravel, and that we can meaty him literally to death.

key to this match is vreversal. i use it on the following attacks, st HK, 6HP, exsissior kick(yes he is plus) he is crazy plus and you will be in a big mixup if you dont.

also on his teleport dash he is unsafe. do cr jab st lk lariat and he will stop.

How do I punish Bison’s EX Devil Reverse? Both Normal and Super Bison?

Like I just fucking block but lariat loses and I think Super Bison’s is safe on block.

In my experience, a well timed lariat will beat all of Bison’s stomps and dr’s.

At worst it’s a trade

Thanks y’all! I leveled up and now Bison isn’t as much as an issue anymore (until I get to Platinum…)

His target combo (ends with df.HP) is -5, SPD time !
Psycho inferno is -12 -11- 10, ex is -1 tho. Punish with hk or spd.
Lariat beats ex stomp but not vt ex stomp. Neutral jump mp beats it if you can react, and of course ex air spd beats them all.
I think you should buffer spd in every jump, every MU, particular in this MU, you have big chance to grab him in air…