Matchup thread - ken

Do it!

can you still punish ken’s>HP even if he cancels to a special?

somebody please test this

Ok, what the hell do I do against Ken’s who just jump constantly and then mash out either jabs, throws or DP’s after a successful anti air?

My usual approach in that situation is to turtle, absorb the odd fire ball to tempt them to come in, then c.hp their hk tatsu or jump ins (I find it works better than s.lp and lariat). The problem I’m having is what to do after the anti air. Can I capitalise? Is there a good meaty set up after c.hp? Or should I back off?

The players that are causing me the biggest issues are the ones who can’t be dissuaded from jumping. I can anti air them 7/10 times, but those other 3/10 are all that’s needed for them to win.

Kind of a related note, I’m having a hell of a time trying to ground tech online after a knock down. I can do it offline no problem, but online I can’t get the timing down. Any tips? Getting that down will really help me avoid set ups after a knock down.

Yes except ex.fireball because it’s +1 and if Ken does>hp xx vtrigger he is also + so don’t press a button here.

I am a Ken main so I don’t know much about Gief but I think he has some kind of mix up after the lp AA no?

There probably is a mix up after s.lp, but I don’t know what it is or the timing to get a meaty hit to land. Meaty set ups without v trigger are something I’m struggling to find.

st.lp AA then:
a) fw.hp meaty
b) fw.hp whiff -> mp spd
c) walk slightly then throw

c) can be altered by buffering ex air spd for guys that block for half a second (afraid of the headbutt) and then jump away.

I bet there is way more stuff

I dicked around with fw.hp but I must have had the wrong timing. Thanks for this. I’ll see what I can do with it.

What’s the best tactic against lots of air tatsu (front and crossup)? I’m trying to s.LP it and getting blown up.

I hate this matchup, i get either zoned or rushdowned, ken just has more options. oh and yeah his air tatsu screws up my lp anti air