Matchup Thread -- Ken

Ken frame data:

Credits Frame Trapped is a great move, but not in this matchup. where ordinarily people will push themselves out to a distance where you might wanna, or hang out there to try to get in at least, it’s really good. not here, ken will CC you for days, and his hitconfirm damage is insane compared to yours. are the answer, anytime he does his shitty run just mash it and stop his approach. when he’s close your best options are ken can, and probably will murder you really quickly because he does not respect your traditional alex poking game at all, he will run a train on you into the corner and there’s not much you can do.

you’re best off being defensive with your mk poke buttons until he takes to the air to the try to get in on you. To me, this is a really tough matchup, what do you guys think?

I HATE this match up with a passion. Once Ken gets in, it’s HARD to get out to neutral. And even then, Ken has sooo many tools to easily get back in. They need to give Alex a good reversal in order for this to be an even match up.

How do we punish his tastu/air tatsu?

Defend is -on block


Just block
All his tatsumaki are negative on block

Okay, so I blocked it then I got srk’ed, what’d I do wrong? where do I go as an Alex from there?

The mk and lk ones are -9 and -8. Punish accordingly. Practice the timings.

His air tatsus and EX tatsu are far from negative on block.

They’re both +. +6 and +7 respectively. You have to anti-air Ken from these movies otherwise he gets a free mix-up on landing.

His other tatsus are simple to stop, punish his light and medium tatsus and anti-air him if he attempts to do roundhouse tatsu from fullscreen. Just jump into training and give it a quick 20 minutes practice.

would u recommend any punishes in particular?

Always seem to lose to hard kick tatsumaki, ij my opinion ia better defend
To punish air tatsus your better option is st.lp and ex knee

Unfortunately due to our slow normals the best punish you get is a Powerbomb or xx EX chop/l.elbow, for both tatsus.

Didn’t know you could get a powerbomb off that’s actually not bad

So I’ve developed a mental block against this character or something, because I cannot deal with Ken. I feel like I’m playing a guessing game whenever I play against one in which all of my mix ups are rewarded with a v trigger canceled dp into the corner into death. I can only conclude that my approach to the match up is completely wrong, are there any good videos out there of alex vs ken match ups?

If you’re talking about your mix-up being disrespected because of DP you aren’t playing the match-up wrong that’s just how it goes.

Any 50/50 you have is a 50/50 for them. That’s how shotos work, always will be.

Ken is my demon. I hate playing against this character.

Bronzie here, how do you deal with a spammer/jumper ken ive read the comments above on how to punish he’s tatsu,but i dont know how to deal with jump mk then spam whatever ken.