Matchup Thread -- Karin

Please contribute when urien launch

karin frame data:

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as a former bison player i have the same problems i had with him as i have with urien, she is just a bully and treats me a like a bitch…what do?

This match is an absolute nightmare for me, I’d rather face Urien’s worst matchup then this bitc-lovely young lady. It feels like literally everything she does is safe even when people tell me it isn’t, she just bullies me around and it feels like most karin’s don’t even have to try to apply pressure, they just spam crouch mp and stand MK. If I don’t play perfectly I basically lose, atleast that’s what it feels like.

Not to mention one combo sends you into the corner like I’m playing against ken, and that’s pretty much INSTANT GG since she has so many tools to keep you there and you can only hope to get a lucky hit or just somehow ex knees out or something.

after first hits of mujin kakau, mash cr.hp. it will beat all 3 options so you dont have to guess

The Karin MU is very slightly in her favour. Either RTSD, or zone her out all day. Don’t try to contest her in the neutral at all, she is just too strong there.