Matchup thread - karin


Few helpful things I’ve noticed in the neutral game: well timed lariat beats her standing mk, vkill, and standing HP. Jump knee (timing is tricky) can go over her sweep and set up a quick spd.

So disregard my other post lol. I can’t seem to anything in this match now. How to beat those buttons!?

Whiff punish with and v-skill > spd heavy pokes. Lariat is not a good counter poke.

I’ll definitely try that. I haven’t really messed around with flexing heavy normals. Thanks so much!

Yeah, v-skill > LP SPD is a staple vs heavy pokes during footsies.

I accidentally found it very useful against some of Nash’s normals. I’ll definitely be practicing this over the next few days. Thanks again; so nice to have something to work on.