Matchup Thread -- Karin

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karin frame data:

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A up hill climb. She stuns just a fast as you and has currently far more setups. Her neutral is better and without v trigger she can pressure you all day.

her neutral aint better we talked about it in the general thread

Page number?

We should bring this information here can beat her, and I find to be a good counter poke (into lp/ex chop) so far. st.hp might also be pretty good.

when you establish you can punish resenha w/ st.lp at any time (or they aren’t retarded), feel free to get the v skill if they respect you too much. A free hard hit can make a big difference, and scare her a bit too.

Been playing this matchup alot

here is what I can say

I have had success with this approach. Start of the match you need to feel Karin out, don’t go in hard. Play footsies right outside his low forward / stand forward range. Nitpick away. Try to look for her using her V-Skill and neutral jump and punish.You can low jab punish majority of her specials like the double kick and overhead 2 hit punch on block if I am not mistaken.
If Karin gets in, block everything; it will be a solid 3-4 strongs and low forwards until she is about out of range to combo off her links / pressure. If it get’s too hot in the kitchen; V-Reversal out ( keep in mind the move you are reversing; preferably something that can’t be special cancelable ). Get a successful V-Reversal and meaty Roundhouse Elbow Slash to stay near there and get a counter hit if they’re mashing buttons on a tech roll wakeup ( plus eat up their grey damage from the V-Reversal ).
Once you get V-Trigger use it. You will have to take some risk, but it’s well worth it. One thing to mention is that when in V-Trigger; Karin cannot do those frame trap pressure block strings on you, free punish! Either you parry and then special cancel into EX Hyper Bomb or parry then Clothesline into Back Drop.

Can you parry between her blockstring?

I’m finding a lot of success buffering a LP chop while doing pokes/counter pokes in neutral, if she dashes forward/walks forward or tries to do one of her stupid moves she walks right into a - ex chop. If she’s trying to stick out a limb lp chop actually does a great job of catching her. When you force her into the air st.lp stuffs everything but be wary of her reversal off the 50/50 mixup.

Does st.LP trade like all the time when you anti air Karin?

Came here to ask this. I suck so bad at AAing with Alex.

Is it just me or does Alex have an absurdly hard time anti-airing this chick. Feels like no matter how soon I react or which button is use (jab, or cr.fierce) I trade about 70 per cent of the time this match is one that I didn’t use to have trouble with but lately Karin’s have been jumping around all they want on me cus I either trade trying to AA or she just beats it

I “Solved” this problem by using neutral/back jump LK.
It’s reliable but the follow ups are a problem. If they mash on their 3 frame jab, it tends to beat out anything we can do.
So it’s not great, but I’ll take that over allowing her to jump at me all.

I’ll have to try that. Karin’s getting on my nerves lately man.

How do we punish her sweep? Maybe I’m just really slow but it seems to be that she can wiff a sweep and the do another one before I can punish the wiffed one with a sweep of my own or an elbow slash.

I use, but you have much better options that are range dependent.

Is cr mp. a bad move to use in this match up? Recently I was getting crush countered basically every time I tossed it out by her standing hk.

No, is always a good button. I don’t think a MU exists where you don’t want to use it, but obviously using it in moderation is key. I find against Karin is incredible, it hops over her, can stuff her and beat cleanly as well. Only issue is it doesn’t really lead into anything whereas allows you to continue poking on hit or block.

So mixing up your neutral game is key, and when you make a Karin impatient in this MU you’ve won.