OK, what can we do on this match other than getting bodied hard?
I haven’t fought many of them online so far, but I just can’t figure what to do against her other than losing.

You’ll have to be more specific about what’s giving you trouble.

St. fierce works pretty well to counter st. forward, which is her best poke. Walk her down with cr. jabs and knee hop until she’s in the corner.

Right now it is pretty much everything.
Her double kick beats my main pokes cleanly, I have no idea how to deal with her v-skill, her attacks confuse me.
I haven’t figured what is the most comfortable distance for me to stay from here and all that.

Go into training mode with Juri. Familiarize yourself with her attacks and her V-skill.

her v skill has 2 levels, the first one is slow and easily blockable the second takes 42 frames to charge (you will see a little cloud of dust/smoke at her feet indicating that she has stored it) and can easily punish whatever you whiff even from fullscreen, so don’t press buttons with long recovery if she have her lvl2 v skill stored.
Your main objective with Juri should be to rush her down as soon as possible, do not let her get her stores and initiate her game, juri is about getting resources do not let her do that, once you’re close you should have the upper hand with your jabs and the usual Gief game just keep an eye out for the ex dp

After practising more, I am having more success on this match up.
I can’t stop her from storing since Zangief is really slow and to make matter worse, I am not very keen to play rush down. I prefer to take my time, but I can usually deal with the fireballs with a proper timed lariat npw.
Her other stores still give me a bit of trouble but I am learning.
I will be watching the replays from the last matches to see what I did right, what I did wrong and how I can improve considering my play style.