Matchup thread - ibuki

Muscle is nothing against fireballs & firebombs

R.I.P gief

I wonder if they take into consideration balancing when they release DLC?

The two match ups at the extremes, Ibuki vs Dhalsim and Ibuki vs Zangief

They release these great characters, and then they forget they have Dhalsim and Zangief in the roster!

This won’t be any worse than Gief vs Cammy, I’m sure.

Turns out it’s worse.

Can anyone tell me what can Gief do against Ibuki?
It seems that this is also one of Gief’s hopeless matchup.

I had a lot of trouble in this match at first. Turns out it’s pretty damn easy. Crouch Jab is your best tool and anti air with light punch. Don’t let her get momentum. Bait the “dragon punch” and punish accordingly.

[] She is squishy.
] She has projectiles that can be jabbed away, must be replenished and are a minor inconvenience outside of ex.
[*] She has a bad reversal without meter, and is susceptible to being baited and blown up like any other dp.

Assuming your defense isn’t terrible, I don’t see how this is worse than Cammy. I will gladly take working around the kunai and palm strike during neutral if it means I can go crazy when I’m on top of her, lol. Air shenanigans are easily squashed with jab aa, her pressure is handled by solidifying your defense as a player in general.

What’s the best option for an Ibuki that likes to do normals then cancel into her dash special? Cr jab, St lk, Lariat? Don’t know the frame data for her.

It’s all minus just whether or not you can react. Basically as long as you catch her dashing or know she is going to dash just mash on jabs as the safest option. Can obviously set up tick spd or use other normal to catch her trying to jump out.

If you get counter hit it’s because you timed the jab too late. Just remember that if you feel you aren’t going to hit the jab in time just opt to block and hopefully you blocked the right way.

Although she is negative I don’t think she’s negative enough to risk lariat. That shit is 9 frame start up and most likely too slow unless you’re mashing like before she even dashes.