Matchup thread - guile

RIP Zangief, it’s over comrades.

This is a impossible matchup =)

(Quick tips)
You can stuff his with cr.lp and if you have the reactions to counter poke it use at max range to score a KD
Absorb or lariat booms at full screen
We can crouch his back fist (fwd.hp)
If he neutral jumps go for
Use st.lp to stop his jump-in
Push him to the corner & abuse his wakeup
He has to choose either V-reversal or Ex-flash kick to stop you from smothering him
Use v-skill/flex against his standing Heavies (DONT do this if he has a boom on the screen)
Empty jump spd,, are good options jumping towards him
(a little bit outside of mid range) you can use the start up of lariat against his on reaction
( a little bit inside mid)if he uses V-skill with no extension use or (depending on range) on reaction
( a little bit inside mid)if he uses v-skill with extension go for a jump-in
If he uses you know what to do B)

DO NOT for the love of god jump towards a crouching guile DO NOT DO IT!!!

Definitely feels like Nash is the harder match-up. Guile is standard counter pokes, push him to the corner and smother. He lacks Nash’s mobility to start pressure, v-skill and v-trigger to teleport out of the corner so Guile wants to poke behind sonic booms. Headbutt is really good for clearing booms, mix it up with absorb and block. V-trigger on reaction will work against him.

His Sonic Boom lost the SF4 recovery, so jumping it and punishing with a jump-in combo is definitely possible. Don’t let EX Flash Kick stop you from pressuring him on wake-up, bait it out and crush counter punish. Once you get him to the corner you can whiff punish, threaten with jab spd and lariat or air spd any jumps on his part; he must go through you to leave the corner.

Agreed with View on all counts. Especially if he is doing his v trigger powered booms. Those take a long time to set up and throw and can be jumped. He isn’t as frame trappy as Nash on offense either. He is more like you block one or two things then it is your turn. I used Guile against Marsh and once he had me in the corner it was over. Guile has no way to escape that besides ex flash kick, which should be predictable in that situation or if he has it, v reversal (which he is now giving up trigger). It isn’t an easy match, none of ours really are lol. Guile isn’t as bad as Nash yet though. Very fun classic Street Fighter matchup.

In fact, if he is setting up v skill shield things in front of you, you can probably LP SPD. Will test.

Or just roundhouse him

Yes, it’s similar to Fang’s poison cloud at that distance. If he tries to set it in your face, free jab spd.

Hi guys!
I’m new here but thanks to you guys I was able to reach silver rank with my Gief so thanks for that!

What do you guys think is the best way to deal with Guile’s V-Trigger? Should we just defend until it’s over?

Other then blocking you can V trigger it. I don’t see why a guile would use it out side a combo anyway.

found out something really bad in this matchup. Guiles neutral standing fierce anti airs all of your jump options, plus it crush counters for a free 3HK, to flash kick. This combo does 280 damage, 475stun meterless. here is the worst part neutral standing fierce is 7 FRAMES!!!

give him plenty of time to do on reaction late! good news is it is short range but good guiles use 4FP for distance anti airs. Jumpins just became much riskier.

Isn’t the whole matchup bad?

Is is but until this it was better than Nash. Now I am not so sure.

I’ve only played a handful of competent Guiles so far but it feels way better than Nash. The Nash mu is a total joke imo.

I agree I am just super frustrated right now. It is better.

Well, i think nash is a easier match up than guile:
Nash’s fireball is much more slower than guile,'s, you can headbutt nash’s fireball more easier than guile’s
Nash has no escape except CA and VT, Guile has escape flash kick once he get just 1 ex bar.
Guile’s VS really give a bad day to gief, but Nash has no VS against Gief

big problem against headbutting nash’s sonic boom is if they wise up and follow it up with a sonic scythe

I don’t think the Headbutt is useful for nullifying fireballs. Because the recovery afterwards is HUGE. and your vulnerable.

It has more of a function to counter hit fireballs on start-up. You have the hitting zone of the headbutt out on screen BEFORE they fireball, and their limbs extend into that zone when they fireball. Because you have projectile invincibility, you can’t be hurt. That projectile invincibility makes it a safer prediction to fireballs than Stand HK. But we all know Stand HK counter hits fireballs into EX Boscht Dynamite.

Man i would love for Gief to get a air grab like guile, right in front.